Microsoft drops password – new app could revolutionize our login habits

Microsoft drops password - new app could revolutionize our login habits

according to Washington Post You can now sign in to multiple Microsoft accounts without using a password.

The company said Wednesday that it is officially withdrawing from the use of passwords written for personal accounts. This includes Outlook, OneDrive, and Family Safety.

Since March 2021, it has been possible to log into company accounts without a password.

Users hate passwords

Microsoft chose to focus on a password-free solution after the IT sector for several years saw it as a problem that users often tend to forget and lose their password.

We know that people hate passwords, says Microsoft Executive Vice President for Security, Compliance and Identity, Vasu Jakal, for Washington Post.

The executive vice president says 30 percent say they’d rather stop using other accounts and sites where they don’t remember their password, than call the company to reset the password.

– So I did. Imagine all the shopping carts, memberships, and user accounts that are abandoned due to password issues, says Jakkal.

you might get lost

Another problem that can arise with the use of passwords is that people tend to use the same password on multiple accounts and websites. If you misplace the password, hackers will likely take over all of your accounts.

Cybercriminals can trick users into a phishing attack or buy passwords on dark web sites.

Microsoft says there are 579 password attacks every second, or 18 billion annually.

Recommend face and fingerprint

Andrew Shekiar, CEO of Fast Identity Online Alliance (FIDO), says users should use the Authenticator or Windows Hello app. These apps allow you to use your face and fingerprints to log in.

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The company collaborates with Microsoft, Apple, Google and Facebook. These sites also put in place password-free login methods.

Shikiar says another option could be to use two-step verification. This is more secure than the password itself. However, there is a risk that passwords and account information can be misleading.

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