Microsoft fined for violating the penalties

Microsoft fined for violating the penalties

Microsoft has been ordered to pay fines totaling $3.3 million for violating US export controls and sanctions laws after sending the company’s software to Russian companies in blacklisted Crimea.

The fines come from both the US Treasury Department and the Department of Commerce, as in the case of A Joint statement It indicates that the events in question have occurred to The export controls and sanctions imposed in connection with Russia’s all-out invasion of Ukraine last year.


According to the statement, Microsoft is cooperating with the investigation, and it was the company itself that notified the authorities. They also must have implemented “corrective actions” after the practice was discovered.

Microsoft must pay the Commerce Department’s Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) just over $300,000 in an administrative fine, while the Finance Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) the tech giant must pay nearly $3. Millions of dollars before resolving 1,339 alleged violations of the agency’s sanctions regulations involving Ukraine/Russia, Cuba, Iran, and Syria.

In total, Microsoft must pay the two agencies $3.33 million.

Sold to a warship factory

According to the Ministry of Finance, on seven occasions between December 2016 and December 2017, Microsoft Russia employees were supposed to cause another Microsoft subsidiary to enter into or sell software licensing agreements that allow transfer or access to software of companies subject to it. Penalties.

The only company that will be discussed is FAU Glavgosekspertiza Rossii, a Russian state-owned construction company that, among other things, was involved in the construction of the Kerch Bridge.

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The other company is the United Shipbuilding Corporation, which, according to US ministries, is responsible for the development and construction of warships for the Russian Navy.

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