Microsoft forcibly installs health check in Windows 10

Microsoft forcibly installs health check in Windows 10

Microsoft joined this week Update for Windows 10 Which in practice only means that the tool to check if the computer is ready for Windows 11, is installed on the system.

In Windows Update in the latest version of Windows 10, the update is called “2021-10 Update for Windows 10 Version 21H1 for x64-based Systems (KB5005463)”. The update is also rolling out to older versions, going back to the 2004 version of Windows 10.

Some more functions

Thus, the update is not a quality improvement in the usual sense. Instead, the PC Health Check Tool is installed. It also includes some other functions, such as talking about available storage space and remaining battery capacity, as well as some shortcuts to improve boot time and Windows Update.

Apart from occupying a few megabytes of space, it is unclear what the real benefit this tool will have for users. Users are not told that the tool has been installed in any way other than as a new entry in the start menu. Users interested in testing whether their PC qualifies for Windows 11 have long been able to download and install the same tool manually.

It is also good to note the following sections In the description of the update:

“When you open PC Conditioner, important software updates are installed automatically as they become available by default. Pc Health Check users cannot stop automatic updates.”

Can uninstall

As before, it is possible to uninstall Condition Control for PC gadget in the same way as for other apps in Windows 10, if you don’t want to install the widget on PC.

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According to Bleeping Computer It is possible to prevent the update from installing by making certain changes to the Windows registry. For most people, normal uninstalling after installing it is an easier option.

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