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Do you use Microsoft Authenticator to generate login codes and approve logins?

but why?!

If you also have an Apple Watch, this works very well, simply because you can agree to sign in directly from the watch without taking out your mobile phone, unlocking it and doing the same.

But, because the feature is so convenient, guess what? Microsoft chose to remove it for security reasons.

The exact reason isn’t known, and it’s possible they’ll reverse it if they figure out the security – they remove SwiftKey and then come back. It is conceivable that the problem is Apple’s primary way of doing security, hence it is difficult to solve by updating the Authenticator app.

Microsoft does not explain itself

Microsoft announced the change in the app, and on a dedicated Q&A page about the service:

In the January 2023 release of Authenticator for iOS, there will be no companion app for watchOS because it is not compatible with Authenticator’s security features.

This means that you will not be able to install or use the Authenticator app on your Apple Watch. Therefore we recommend that you delete the Authenticator from your Apple Watch. The change only affects the Apple Watch, so you’ll still be able to use Authenticator on your other devices.”

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