June 10, 2023


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Mie Mack Cappelen on the breakup: – It was hard

Singles: Former “Love Island” contestant Mie Mack Cappelen arrived on the pink carpet with a tiny puppy.

Many famous faces arrived on the pink carpet, when the world’s first H&M Beauty store opened at Oslo’s Karl Johans Gate on Tuesday night.


Mie Mack Cappelen was among those arriving on the pink carpet. She had her new puppy with her. A couple of days ago it became clear that the former ‘Love Island’ contestant had become single.

– It did require, perhaps, a bit of a waiting period. Now that things are cleared up, I’m positive. It’s summer and I can look forward to some new life changes, the 25-year-old tells VG.

– Are you ready for hot summer girl?

– I’m about to say it. This is the first summer I’ve been celibate for a long time, I’ve been a real girlfriend, but the point now is to stay celibate for a while, McKabiln replies with a smile.

Among the names confirmed for tonight’s makeup event are influencers Leah Isadora Behn, Martin Lundy, Emma Ellingsen, Evelyn Carlsen, blogger Camilla Belle, and Sophie Karlstad.

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Friends: Actor Til Torjosen joined influencers Julie Fiala and Frida Dahl on the pink carpet on Tuesday night.

Influencer Martine Lunde has confirmed to VG that she will be returning to television. She previously participated in “Paradise Hotel”, “Varmin Kgendis”, “Shawl in Dancy” and “Bloggers”.

– A lot of exciting things happen, TV, clothing combinations, says secret Lund.

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– Can you say what it is?

“No, it’s a secret,” replies Lundy, who reveals that more information will come in the fall.

The dancer and artist Alexandra Juner also appeared for the first time after her separation from her ex-boyfriend, Ranar Fatni.

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