Migrants claim Belarusian border guards cut border fence – VG

Migrants claim Belarusian border guards cut border fence - VG

Migrants from Syria say they were beaten and pushed by border guards from Belarus towards the Polish border. They claimed that the guards cut holes in the border fence.


Migrant Youssef Atallah’s face, with clear signs of grave violence, tells Reuters news agencies about the way he was taken to the border to cross into Poland.

– The last car took us to the border, parked in a forest, and just explained that we should walk 500 meters there, and then drove off.

The migrants claim that they were beaten and shot by border guards from Belarus, who pushed them towards the border.

– Someone kicked me in the face, and I fainted for a few minutes. He told Reuters that my nose is broken and the bone in my face is broken, so I have cyanosis on my face.

the last: The United Nations Security Council, Norway and several countries condemned Belarus


After being arrested in Poland and returned to Belarus, the migrants claim that they were again subjected to violence by the same border guards who had previously guided them to the border.

At the immigration center in Białystok, 29-year-old immigrant Thaer Rizk, from Homs in Syria, says Belarusian border guards cut holes in the barbed wire fence that the Polish guards had rammed.

The migrants say they were taken back and forth to both the Polish and Lithuanian borders.

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VG has heard similar stories from a number of immigrants. Poland has been criticized by the United Nations for violating refugee law by sending people back, so-called “pushbacks”.

At least eight immigrants Freeze to death in the border area.

Threatens to turn off the gas

Thousands of migrants and refugees are stranded at the border between Belarus and EU country Poland, leading to the spread of the virus violent crisis. Both sides sent reinforcements to the border and the local population VG tells they fear war.

The European Union has condemned Belarus for being behind the migrant chaos, and has warned that the country will be subject to tougher sanctions.

Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke with German Chancellor Angela Merkel by phone on Thursday, urging European Union countries to restore relations with Belarus to resolve the migrant crisis, NTB wrote.

At the same time, the Belarusian president threatens to cut off gas from the European Union.

– What if we stop the gas supply? President Alexander Lukashenko said when he promised to respond if the European Union imposes new sanctions.

Opposition leader Svetlana Tikhanovskaya believes that he is deceiving.

– It will be more harmful to him, and to Belarus, than the European Union. “I think it’s a hoax,” Tikhanovskaya told AFP.

Immigrants to VG: – Too bad

For several weeks, Belarus has been using immigrants as Cut in the game to put pressure on the EU, using travel agents such as Sells “tours” to European Union countries Via the Belarusian capital Minsk.

Migrants arrive at a closed border and end up throwing balls at the border. Here, a Polish freelance journalist from VG met three Syrian migrants in a forest near the village of Narewka last weekend.

– This is not a good way to get to Europe. But because we are from Syria and we cannot get a visa, this is the only way. So, while that’s too bad, there’s no better way, say all three.

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Since the beginning of October, VG has reported the situation on the border between Poland and Belarus. Here are some reports:

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