Mild weather will arrive soon

Mild weather will arrive soon

Recently it has been snowing in many places.

This led to chaos in Bergen on Tuesday morning, where Flesland Airport was briefly closed to air traffic.

The Meteorological Agency measured an increase in snow depth of up to 13 centimeters from Tuesday to Tuesday, with more to come in Rogaland and Hortaland.

After a brief hiatus, showers are expected to return early Wednesday morning, Ronwick Eagle, meteorologist on duty, tells Talkbladet.

Snow melts

There will also be snow in Vestfold and Østfold. Here, the Meteorological Department has issued a yellow alert as snowfall of up to 15 centimeters is expected on Tuesday evening and overnight into Wednesday.

In other words, if you live in these areas, it’s time to find skis or sleds. You have to do it quickly, because the ice won’t last long.

Meteorologist says there is a major low pressure from northwest to hit the country from Monday.

Forecasts show low temperatures across the country throughout the weekend as low pressure moves right into Norway before bringing warm air – first in western Norway, before it moves east and north.

The meteorologist estimates that temperatures in Bergen could move up to eight plus degrees from Monday.

– Part of the settled snow will melt, says Eagle.

– Death knell for hope for a white Christmas in the South?

– It’s hard to say anything with certainty yet about what growth will look like, but we can cross our fingers for cooler weather over the Christmas weekend.

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Moderate weather will extend northwards

Cooler temperatures and rain are expected in southern Norway until milder weather arrives next week.

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Here, the temperature is marginally higher and the precipitation is likely to come as rain along the Akhtar coast, where a snow warning has been issued.

– When rain freezes and freezes in colder terrain, inland driving conditions can be difficult, says Eagle.

He says the expected low pressure and accompanying milder weather will move north – as far as Nordland.

It will still be cold with snow showers in central Norway over the next few days. Møre and Romsdal coast may continue with snow showers over the weekend, with temperatures around freezing. Then it softens.

Low temperatures will also affect large parts of Nordland, Troms and Finnmark. Only Finnmark seems firmly on the blue side, hitting low pressure.

– There is also snow, but there is some uncertainty in the warnings about when they will arrive, says Eagle.

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