Millehaugen – NRK Norway – An overview of the news from different parts of the country, the lawyer believes it is too soon to release Millehaugen.

Millehaugen – NRK Norway – An overview of the news from different parts of the country, the lawyer believes it is too soon to release Millehaugen.

Convicted murderer Stig Millehaugen appeared in Oslo District Court today and pleaded guilty. This week, the question of whether he can be released from prison will be decided in court.

On Tuesday, Millehaugen will give his statement from the witness box. He recounts his time in detention in Trondheim prison and his escape in the summer of 2022.

Millehaugen has been sentenced to 21 years in prison, the strictest penalty under the law. Now he asks to get rid of it.

Photo: Ismail Burak Akan / NRK

– In 2022, I thought this was not a life worth living and started thinking about killing myself. I don’t come after leave. It’s easy to criticize me for that, but there’s no “quick fix” for things like:

– There are no quick fixes for spring 2022. Depression, physical pain, insomnia and insanity. It was these factors that culminated in the message that the punishment program was not realistic. I would have stayed in Trondheim prison
Probably not alive today.

On June 1, 2022, Millehauken did not return to Trondheim prison after leave. The police then raised a national alert and he was wanted internationally. A week later, he was arrested by the police in Østmarka. Millehaugen is currently serving his sentence in Ila prison.

Stick Millehagen - Surveillance Photo.  He wears a black rucksack and a black hat.  Going outside.

A surveillance photo of Stik Millehagen when he does not return to Trondheim prison from leave.

Photo: Police

Millehaugen says his prison sentence since 2012 gives him a chance to change.

– I am a total criminal, that’s what turned into me. Detention replaced it. No one asks how I was before, but people who care about the prevention system:

– From 2014 to now, I have internalized the stupidity I have done.

Lawyer Christian Jarland asks if you can be sure there is another Millehaugen here today.

– I’m currently scanning all the cargo, Millehagen replied.

Is there anything left?

– A criminal nature? Nothing.

Jarland asks how to know that.

– You’ll never know it. There is risk in everything. I understand the skepticism, says Millehoun.

A week is left for the trial. Tuesday was the second day in court.

– I don’t think there are any other remand prisoners who have worked so hard to change, says defense lawyer Morten Furuholmen.

Furuholmen during day two.

Conservator Morten Furuholmen (th) and expert Atle Austad of Millehaugen.

Photo: Ismail Burak Akan / NRK

Furuholmen says Millehaugen has grown in recent years and worked closely with staff at the correctional service. Among other things, he had seven years of so-called reflective conversations and had eight conversations with a psychologist.

– Millehaugen systematically worked with change measures over time, the defender says.

leads everyone astray

The public prosecutor will not release Millehaugen from prison. He points out that the conditions for parole are changes in the behavior of the convicted person.

Attorney Christian Jarland.

Prosecutor Christian Jarland is prosecuting the case.

Photo: Ismail Burak Akan / NRK

– Since 2012, there has been a positive development. Millehaugen is subject to reflective conversations. Ten years later, he confessed to Javed’s premeditated murder, but in the summer of 2022 the positive development broke:

– Millehaugen was then granted leave, but did not arrive after leave. Prosecutor Jarland says the crime is clearly part of a bigger picture.

The prosecution believes that an improvement in the sentencing relationship is crucial in this case.

– Millehaugen has been convicted multiple times for aggravated assault and has no time limit. He committed two murders in a span of 17 years. He has repeatedly violated the terms of his leave.

Jarland long, Millehaugen shows a positive development, but that doesn’t mean he can’t commit new crimes.

Stick Millehaugen

Stig Millehaugen has been in prison for the past 36 years.

Photo: Hedda Regine Dorilstotter Kurseth / NRK

– In my opinion, there is not a cloud in the sky, and despite it, he misleads everyone. Note that there is no relation
between the victim and Millehaugen. They are only accidental victims.

Convicted of double murder

Millehaugen was sentenced to 21 years in prison and is known as Norway’s most dangerous man.

Such punishment is intended to protect society against new crimes by the convicted person. If a person is to be acquitted of such a sentence, the court must assess it in such a way that there is no risk of further criminal activity.

Millehaugen has spent most of his life in prison for carjacking, burglary, armed robbery and murder.

Stig Millehauken was involved in a bank robbery in Oslo in 1991.  Image from surveillance video.  He stands in a black and white camouflage patterned jacket and has a black cap on his head.  He has a revolver in one hand and a money bag in the other.  The scarf in front of the face falls down and the face is visible.
Photo: Police

He was sentenced to 21 years in prison after the killing of Young-Guns leader Mohammad Javed in 2011. Javed was found dead in a burnt-out car in 2009. At that time, the minimum term for Millehaugen was set at ten years.

He was previously convicted of murdering an inmate who tried to escape from prison.

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