Millions flock to their cycling heroes

Millions flock to their cycling heroes

Former cycling champion and TV personality Dag Otto Lauritzen did well financially after retiring as a professional cyclist in 1994. Last year, his wholly-owned investment company, Stili Invest, had sales of NOK 7.2 million, compared to NOK 5.9 million In the year. before .

The company's income comes mainly from entertainment, lectures, conference assignments and organizing bicycle trips abroad, in addition to investments in real estate and funds.

The pre-tax result ended at NOK 3.7 million, an improvement compared to 2020, when the result ended at minus NOK 140 thousand. However, it is far from the peak year of 2017, when the company achieved a result of more than NOK 9 million.

Lauritzen received a dividend of NOK 1.2 million from the company, down from NOK 1.6 million the previous year.

(million Norwegian krone) 2023 2022
Operating income 7.2 5.9
Operating profit 3.0 2.0
Result before taxes 3.7 -0.1
Annual result 3.1 -0.6

Crypto, salmon and bike

According to shareholder records as of the end of 2023, Lauritzen owns shares in the NBX cryptocurrency exchange worth NOK 81,000 at today's exchange rate. He also has shares worth NOK 275,000 in the airline Norse Atlantic.

He is also involved in non-listed stocks, including land-based farming company OFS Norge, which is focused on post-smelting production in Måløy.

Regarding an issue with crowdfunding platform Dealflow in January, the company told Finansavisen that it plans to increase its turnover from zero today to approximately NOK 1.6 billion in 2028, when the facility is fully developed.

In 2022, he started cycling clothing brand DO2 Design with his son Stian Lauritzen.

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The clothing brand had a turnover of NOK 1.4 million in 2023, with operating profits of just under NOK 1.2 million. In the starting year of 2022, it had a turnover of NOK 600,000 with an operating profit of NOK 0.

Lauritzen and cycling pro Alexander Kristof are also investing in Green Velo Technologies, which developed the cycling app Bikefolder.

Definitely a winner

Lauritzen became truly famous in 1987 when he became the first Norwegian to win a stage in the Tour de France. After giving up his cycling career, he became a cycling expert for TV 2 in 2003. He then met Christian Odegaard during the recording of “Skal vi danse” in 2007.

It marked the beginning of a long collaboration between the two TV personalities, who, among other things, have presented TV shows such as “På tur med Dag Otto” and more recently “Huskestue”.

The Radar pair's latest project, “Kompani Lauritzen,” has been a smash hit and has long been one of TV 2's safest cards in the TV war. This spring, the fifth season was released on screen, and it was a huge hit with viewers this year as well.

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