Mimir Kristjansson, Tusenfryd | Stavanger (37) Caught Cheating: – Disgraceful

Mimir Kristjansson, Tusenfryd |  Stavanger (37) Caught Cheating: – Disgraceful

TUSENFRYD (Nettavisen): A writer and former journalist’s recent visit to Tusenfryd ended dramatically. Netavisen has chosen to identify the man:

Mimir Kristjansson, 37, from Stavanger, threw his hands in the air when he thought he had won a horse game against a significantly younger woman. It turns out to be a result of disappointment, Netavisen can tell.

– As a politician who broke the rules in the Storting I say: the rules are very difficult to understand, says his protégé.

The incident took place during the recording of Netavision’s new video column “Political Carousel”. There, the speed at which politicians have to sit on roller coasters to answer questions is constantly increasing.


During the visit, Kristjansson competed in a horse race where participants roll small balls toward a series of holes. For each hit, the player’s horse moves forward.

After the win, Kristjansson’s leaking barrel was immediately inspected by Tusenfryd’s operations manager Erik Abelsen, who found a clear violation of the rules.

Each player can only use two balls. Kristjansson used five. The winner was Mathilde, a 30-year-old mother of young children from Oslo.

The incident took place outside a so-called “salon” in Ville Vesten-gata in Tusenfryd.

No self-criticism

Kristjansson, who is also a Red Party parliamentary representative, takes the same stance as politicians who have complained about commuter housing rules. Not clear:

– I thought it was legal to have more balls and I took advantage of the opportunities I got. I found out it was fraudulent, but it wasn’t my fault. This is because the rules are very complex.

While Anniken Huitfeldt (Ap) calls himself “ignorantly incompetent”, Kristjánsson believes he is an “ignorant deceiver”.

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– I am a completely ignorant cheater. I have in common with the rest of Storting that if I make a mistake, it cannot be my fault.

Watch the first three episodes of Political Carousel here:

– ÆÆÆÆÆH!! Fremskrittspartiet’s Bård Hoksrud says in Nettavisen’s new video column, “Political carousel”. Watch the interview in the video player.

In Netavison’s second episode, “Political Carousel,” Mimir Kristjansson on the Road asks party members to look away.

Høyre’s parliamentary representative Mathilde Tybring-Gjedde discusses politics with Netavision’s political correspondent Henrik Heldahl.

Towards Netavichennai

Conservative parliamentary representative Mathilde Tybring-Gjedde is very disappointed with Nettavisen.

– Felt cheated by the win, very disappointed. It’s a shame, quite simply. I have to say that I have lost some faith in politicians from the experience.

– But above all I was disappointed by the poor control and supervision of Nettavisen who organized the tournament.

Tybring-Gjedde says she forgives Kristjánsson. Nettavisen is an outsider to Tybring-Gjedde’s critique. It is not known at this time how the local sheriff will react to this case.

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