Minus 20 – passenger train evacuated at NRK Trøndelag

Minus 20 – passenger train evacuated at NRK Trøndelag

At Dovrebanen, three trains stopped overnight until Saturday. Due to this, passengers have to wait for several hours.

We are talking about an evening train that broke down and two night trains that were standing still after a catenary was pulled.

24 minus degrees

There was a train stoppage between Dovre and Tompas.

Here the passengers were evacuated after waiting for several hours.

Travelers say VG They sat on the train for four hours without light or heat.

Many were freezing, hungry, and the toilets could not be flushed, passenger Ann Granheim tells the newspaper.

The temperature must have been minus 24 degrees in that area.

Communication is taken by wire

For night trains, a problem arises as a train carries some contact wires at Ota station. Press officer Olav Nordli at Ban Nor tells NRK.

Passengers had to sit and wait for long periods of time because the professionals had to facilitate the landing.

– It is sad that such an incident is happening. Otherwise, it looks like it will be resolved relatively quickly, Nordli told NRK after 8 p.m.

The error affects trains between Oslo and Trondheim.

Mary Bang Foursmo (19) sits on the southbound train. He attends the sports program at Mosjøen Vgs and was initially on a trip to a training camp in Lanzarote.

Then the train stopped.

– Stalled for more than six hours. This isr very fast. She tells NRK that she can’t catch the flight now.

The Mary Bang Foursmo waited for the train for more than six hours before it resumed running on Saturday morning.

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Still hope

On Saturday morning, students sit inside the train and try to rebook their tickets.

Heads are hanging now. “It’s not the most festive group I’ve ever seen,” says the 19-year-old.

She hasn’t completely given up on getting her way.

Although the mood is grim, I think there is some hope. We have JTry obba for three years to take us on this journey.


Train stops are not a problem for daytime trains from Oslo and Trondheim.

Trains arrived at 8 o’clock on both sides.

– The track is open for train traffic. “We are constantly fixing bugs,” Nordli said at 9.15am.

Passengers on the southbound train had boarded like a mob from the sports line.

It was hot here, unlike the northern route where people were evacuated and put up in hotels.

Hild Ling, information manager at SJ, tells NRK.

– Our main problem is that we cannot catch buses.

– But the catenary is now in place, so trains can start running. Passengers can join – but they can also choose to wait and travel on the day train from where they came from or where they are going.

The problem now is that trains are misplaced, he adds. This means that trains are running with different rail material than they should actually be running.

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