Mira Craig on MGP’s Corona backup:

Mira Craig on MGP's Corona backup:

It was Monday this year Announcing the participants in the “Melody Grand Prix”Which kicks off the entire singing competition.

One of the artists who will fight to represent Norway during the Eurovision Song Contest is pop singer-songwriter Mira Craig (39) with the song “We Still Here”.

Craig previously appeared on MGP as a singer in 2010 with the song “I’ll Take You Hi”. In 2008, she contributed as a songwriter, and “Hold On Be Strong” was featured in and won a singing competition. He led this team to Eurovision and ended up contributing to the fifth place.

– It was great for me. It’s one of life’s highlights, says Craig to Good Evening Norway.

With this achievement in mind, Craig says that no matter what happens this time, it’s fun for her to get up and run again. But the hope of progressing to international competition remains.

– What does representing Norway as an artist mean to you this time at Eurovision?

– Oh, my God, he could have been quite sick, of course. I was hoping for it, but it’s a little tricky. There are many turns and five in the final already. So it is different than before. Now the only goal is to get to the final ever. I take one step at a time and try not to focus on the competition part of it. But instead, focus on doing a good job, says Craig.

A stranger without an audience

In addition to having fun on set, according to Craig, there was a lot to do in terms of broadcasts. It takes fifteen days from the New Year to the first semi-finalists for the participants.

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– It’s like this: Happy New Year! Get started! First Dolphin Final! Plus, on Thursday, we’ll be logging in if someone has coronavirus, so we’ll drive after that, she says.

Craig isn’t too enthusiastic about Corona’s metrics on MGP, especially the backup solution where they have to pre-record the song in case something goes wrong before sending.

– He’s totally crazy! And it is not from the public! It’s really weird that it’s not the audience. You just have to follow the rules that NRK follows. That’s just how things are. That’s how it was a while ago, so you just have to take that into account, says the pop artist.

Despite running hard with strict corona measures, Craig’s focus remains good singing, getting a good performance with the dance and maintaining good chemistry with the camera.

– The show is a show, so it comes with it anyway. But it gets a little weird without the audience, I have to say. But she says I will do my best for it.


It has now been twelve years since Craig last joined the MGP.

One of the things that made her decide to join again was what she saw Corona was doing to artists.

– I really started with that last year, I saw that during the lockdown, there were no arenas for artists to perform. When I then saw those who were part of the MGP program, I thought: Wow, it was done so cleverly, as Craig describes.

She says participating in MGP means you can perform your own songs, as you do with this year’s song, where she wrote the lyrics and melodies herself. But it also gives artists a platform to perform, during a period of Corona measures that could limit many artists.

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– That was the reason I wanted to join, so I thought about it all year 2021. And I thought: Yes, it would have been cool, but it has to be the right song. She says you can’t always compose a song on demand.

But suddenly one day, she made a song that was the right song for the occasion.

– Then I called Stig (Karlsen) and asked him if he wanted to meet with me and listen to the song. Then he said yes and liked the song. It was the first step ever to participate. After that, all you have to do is put in a good show, says Craig.

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