Missing four-year-old found alive three weeks later – VG

Missing four-year-old found alive three weeks later - VG
Found: Four-year-old Cleo Smith went missing while camping with her family.

The little girl was found after the police broke into a locked house. One man was arrested and imprisoned after the incident.


Four-year-old Cleo Smith, who was about three weeks ago Got lost during a camping trip with the family At Macleod in Western Australia, it was found alive, among other reports Watchman.

Significant resources – such as investigators from the national and local police, helicopters and drones – have been devoted to the search for the four-year-old.

The newspaper writes that she has now been found in a house in the coastal town of Carnarvon. And the camp “Bluhols Shack” from which Cleo Smith disappeared, is not far away.

Police Chief Chris Dawson said at a news conference on Wednesday morning that it is a wonderful day for parents and for the whole of Australia.

– I’m very proud. He says he is the proudest police chief in the world now.

Western Australian Police released a recent photo of a smiling four-year-old:

A local man has been placed in pretrial detention and is now being questioned by investigators. A 36-year-old man has been arrested, and the police chief says he is cooperating with the police. Police say there are no other suspects in the case.

Police Inspector Cole Blanche said earlier Wednesday that police broke into the locked house and found the girl in one of the rooms. Shortly thereafter, she was reunited with her parents.

At the press conference, he announced that the four-year-old girl was taken to the hospital for a medical examination, and she is in good health. She was immediately reunited with her parents.

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He also spoke at the police press conference who found the girl and reunited her with her parents.

– My name is Cleo

– I asked for the name twice. The third time she looked at me and said, “My name is Cleo,” says an affected policeman.

It also talks about the date of the girl’s reunion with her parents.

– We have someone here who wants to talk to you. It was a great feeling. It was an honor for me to be a part of this meeting.

– “Mummy!” Cleo cried, and then there were lots of hugs and kisses.

The girl’s mother previously said she last saw her daughter when she woke up in the middle of the night to ask for water. In the morning, the four-year-old and his sleeping bag were gone.

Our prayers have been heard, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison wrote on Twitter.

Australian police are working hard to find the girl who has been reported missing October 16.

They also came out with pictures of a red and black sleeping bag of the same type that the four-year-old was sleeping when she was last seen.

Mum Ellie Smith did not speak to the media after the discovery, but she did share a photo of the daughter on Instagram where she wrote: The family is complete again.

Also watch a video of how to rescue the lost boat:

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