Missing, search function | Parents of missing Evind (22) thank volunteers: – Something to give back

Missing, search function |  Parents of missing Evind (22) thank volunteers: – Something to give back

(Gudbrandsdølen Dagningen) “Thank you so much for all the support and feedback during this difficult time!” Write the parents of the missing person in the fundraising campaign they started in Sleis.

Splice is created

The 22-year-old has been missing since March 19, and scores of volunteers have been involved in the search, which has ended without a trace. Police ended the search operation after a major search in the area around Balbergkampen in Lillehammer. There, large forces formed a wide circle around a missing person’s car parked in Ballberg. Among other places, it is also very light in the upper Alsbækta and in the center of Lillehammer.

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The missing person’s parents are grateful for their efforts and still receive inquiries from many asking what they can do.

– We are enjoying massive support from people who want to contribute. Many have shown concern by bringing everything from stoves to home-baked buns and bread, and many are asking what they can do. We thought a spiel to raise money for the Lillihammer Red Cross would be a great way to give back to the incredible number of volunteers who took part in the quest. A few days after Splice was created, the parents tell GD that NOK 30,000 has arrived.

They write on Spleis that they want to support one of the wonderful organizations involved in the search for Eivind and have experienced firsthand how they are there for people who need help.

No results yet

On Monday, police had no new information on the 22-year-old’s disappearance.

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The case has attracted a lot of attention and many volunteers have spent hours in the deep snow around Ballbergamben searching for the event.

– We are enjoying a lot of support from all quarters. Biathlon community, friends and family. It affects a lot of people and has created a huge commitment, Amma told GD last week.

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– It’s huge. At the same time, it is heavy and hard. The father said there was no clue other than where the car was.

Now the whole family and everyone who knew Evind is hoping that someone will find him.

– All we can do is wait. Mom and Dad decide that TIPS is our biggest chance.

If you have any tips on this matter. Call the police on 02800.

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