Mixed mood on Wall Street

Mixed mood on Wall Street

Stocks are pointing both ways in the US after Monday’s stock exchange day.

  • Industry Index Dow Jones He became the winner today, and ended up up 0.21 percent to 34,840.16 points.
  • the wide Standard & Poor’s 500The index ended the day down 0.28 percent to 4,443.18 points.
  • Technology Index Nasdaq The lowest, as the two ended down 0.52 percent to 14,969.97 points.

President Joe Biden’s major infrastructure and social reform programs are nearing final votes in the House and Senate. The total price is about 5000 billion dollars.

At the same time, the most urgent problems must be solved. The majority must support a budget that ensures continued financing of the state apparatus. If this does not happen, some of them may have to be closed.


The price of oil rose on Monday, continuing to rise after a good week last.

BrentThe price of oil rose 1.81 percent at the time of the close on Wall Street and the price per barrel is now $79.42. At the same time West Texas IntermediateOil rose 1.97 percent to $75.48 a barrel.

With the recent rally, the price of Brent oil reached its highest level since October 2018.


One of today’s winners on Wall Street was the Bank Silvergate Capital , which is aimed at banking services related to cryptocurrency. The stock ended 6.59 percent at $110.57 a share, after Morgan Stanley withdrew with a buy recommendation for the stock. After an improvement today, the share is up over 650 percent in the past year.

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Several energy stocks performed well in the stock market, after the oil price rally today. oil giant ExxonMobil It ended the day up 2.95 percent, at $59.3. at the same time soared chevron by 2.33 percent to $102.97.

Among the Norwegian stocks on Wall Street, Frederiksen Shipping closed golden ocean group It fell 0.76 percent to $10.48. The company is listed on both the New York Stock Exchange and the Oslo Stock Exchange, and the decline came despite the rise in the Baltic Dry Index.

Many technology stocks also had a tough day in the stock market. He was among them, among others An appleWhich ended the day down 1.05 percent at $145.37 per share. Amazon It also closed in red, closing at 0.58 percent.

Vegetarian company Beyond Meat gained momentum on Monday, rising 3.36 percent at $113.38. On Monday, a number of experts also came out with new research on vegan burgers, one of Beyond Meats’ most popular products.


In the cryptocurrency market, the recent downturn continues.

BitcoinThe world’s largest cryptocurrency ended the day 0.73 percent lower, with one coin now costing $4,2882.9.

Of the other major cryptocurrencies are both raised And XRP by 2.77 and 1.24 percent, respectively.

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