Mo Rana Airport, Helgeland Craft

Mo Rana Airport, Helgeland Craft

Director This is a captain. The editor expresses the position of the newspaper.

Polar Kraft wants to be involved in what Helgeland Kraft does not currently see value for. Polar Kraft is now investing five million kroner in PLU’s great airport adhesive team. The Narvik-based energy company will share the excitement around several large industrial enterprises in Mo i Rana and Helgeland. They do this while Helgeland Craft is sitting on the fence. There, the council chose not to enter with support, but rather to play ball to the general meeting.

It is special, to say the least, that a power company from Ofoten has taken on a social responsibility that has cast a shadow over an energy company from Helgeland, and it has done its best so far to keep it away. The explanation given by Helgeland Kraft’s board of directors for not supporting Norway’s upcoming major airport is now scant. It does not stop the believers. The Board wants to process the PLU’s request for financial support “in an appropriate and principled manner” and has therefore chosen to send it to the general meeting. We now have so much confidence in the Helgeland Kraft Board of Directors that we can assume that they could have handled the application fully and in principle. Here there is reason to believe that the Helgeland Kraft Board of Directors, from which thieves Sonja Djønne incidentally chose to withdraw in connection with this case, bet the general meeting on the rejection of the request. The pressure for this to happen was intense.

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With the entry of Polar Kraft into Helgeland, Helgeland Kraft is under pressure that is hard to imagine. And when Polar Kraft used its significant stake in PLU to advance its incorporation in Helgeland, Helgeland Kraft gained an aggressive and serious competitor in its primary market.

It wouldn’t be surprising if the clumsy handling and anticipation of Helgeland Kraft had applied for support for a new major airport, now causing them problems.

More than 100 companies in the area have put money on the airport counter. In this way, they are making a massive private contribution of NOK 150 million. A contribution that will help run the 2.7 billion SEK for the project. There is reason to believe that more than 100 of these companies, many of which guarantee Helgeland Craft’s customers today, will consider their electricity agreements. Many, including private clients, will likely look at their own customer relationship at Helgeland Kraft, and compare it to the company that actually contributes to the airport.

The Helgeland Kraft Board of Directors hardly took this into account, as they did not want to take a position on the PLU request. Now he is asked what the general meeting says. It won’t be phased out until April.

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Polar Kraft states that last year it worked on a plan to set up an office in Mo i Rana to join the industrial venture in Helgeland. The news of the founding and financial support of the PLU is now coming it is no accident of course. It is work. It will be interesting to see how Helgeland Kraft meets this.

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