Mobile, Ice | It disables the SIM card

Mobile, Ice |  It disables the SIM card

Norway’s third largest mobile phone company starts a fully digital mobile phone company.

Telecommunications company Ice launched NiceMobil, thus also discontinuing the SIM card.

NiceMobil app is so simple that you don’t even need your old SIM card. We will only use the eSIM that you activate via our app, meaning that the countdown begins now until the last SIM card is recycled, Ice CEO Eivind Helgaker says in a press release.

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Ice points out that there are several operators that already offer an eSIM, but write that they will be the first mobile carrier to use only the new technology.

– Previously, it was not possible to use BankID on a mobile phone with an eSIM, we solved this problem. It’s time to reuse your physical SIM cards. Some of them actually contain some gold and can be melted into World Cup dipped medals or wedding rings. Or you can make a necklace to have a memory from the past, says Shiraz Abed, Ice’s commercial director, in the press release.

He believes that it was very difficult to change the mobile operator in Norway, and that changing SIM cards is complicated. But an eSIM isn’t for everyone either, as Ice points out that not all mobile phones in Norway currently support this type of SIM.

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– We may also get a time-limited SIM revival at NiceMobil, for all those who do not have an eSIM-enabled mobile phone. We haven’t decided this yet, but we want everyone who wants to be subscribed to with us until the last SIM is buried forever, Abed says.

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