– Mom was so proud of this – VG

- Mom was so proud of this - VG
Died last year: Lucinda Riley is the best-selling translated author in Norway over the past decade, and her books have been translated into 37 languages ​​and have sold over 40 million copies worldwide.

While Harry Whittaker is working to complete his mother Lucinda Riley’s best-selling series “The Seven Sisters”, she is completing another project that was of great help to Lucinda, who died of cancer last summer.


Lucinda Relay Died June 11 last year Four years after fighting esophageal cancer.

Her son, Harry Whittaker, honors his mother by releasing the previously unpublished Lucinda Riley book worldwide on May 25th. In the cover of the book “The Murders at Fleet House” he writes:

– The fact that Lucinda wrote at least five novels when she was ill is a true testament to Lucinda’s immobility.

When Lucinda Riley died, it was just a few weeks ago The seventh book The popular series “The Seven Sisters” was released. The series that made Lucinda Riley one of them for many years Best seller Teachers in Norway.

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None of the above, no one next: Irish Lucinda Riley (54) fell all over and sold more books in Norway in 2020.

This would be the last book, but there was a plan called Lucinda Riley Expressed himself The eighth book will be released last spring – readers will find the answer to the great mystery of this series: Who is the sisters’ foster father, Pa Salt?

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Before he died, he had written important passages and detailed notes on the story for this eighth and final book – and the family announcement that his son Harry Whittaker would end the series.

“He expressed a clear desire that his eldest son, Harry, should finish the series if things went awry,” the family wrote, adding that the book “Atlas: The Story of Pa Salt” would be released worldwide in the spring. Of 2023.

This is the important book that son Harry Whittaker now sits on Writes on.

Mother and son: Lucinda Riley and son Harry Whittaker in an untitled photo regarding a children’s book published together in 2019.

But at the same time, he and his family will pay tribute to Lucinda’s mother’s other book project, “The Murders at Fleet House” – the 2006 crime novel Lucinda.

In the preface to the book, which will be published on May 25, Whittaker writes:

– Mom was so proud of this project. It is the only crime novel she has ever written, but her loyal readers will immediately recognize her uncanny ability to capture space and context.

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Here Lucinda Riley announces the eighth book

“The Seven Sisters” series has turned Lucinda Riley (55) into the best-selling translated writer in Norway in a decade, but you

In his preface, he says that this book is one of three novels written by Lucinda Riley when she started the Young Children’s School. Riley was before any publisher.

Two novels have been published with great success in recent times, Helena’s SecretAnd “Butterfly Room”.

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– Whittaker says in the preface to the book that his plan is to publish a third (…) of these novels after the series about the seven sisters is over.

Acceleration: Lucinda Riley’s plan was to release the crime novel after the film “Seven Sisters”, but the family has hastened it in the hope that it will honor her memory and delight all readers in anticipation of the latest Seven Sisters book.

He writes that the first two books were thoroughly reviewed by Lucinda herself and that she made extensive changes over ten years before being published in the drawer. Now it is different.

– Mom didn’t get this opportunity when it came to “murders in Fleet House”. So, I came across a dilemma when I decided to publish this novel in the market. Was it my responsibility to edit, modify and update the text?

After lengthy consultation, Harry Whittaker decided to do the right amount of editing.

– After a long consultation, I decided to let Mom’s voice prevail. In other words, the novel you are currently working on is Lucinda’s work in 2006.

The son writes that Lucinda Riley was diagnosed Esophageal cancer In 2017 – four years before she died. The two formed two together Children’s book series “Comrades” – Now Lucinda’s “The Seven Sisters” is on her shoulders.

– By completing the eighth and final book of the “Seven Sisters” series, I was given the task of completing the immense literary tradition after her.

He insists that despite his hard work and tremendous success, books have always been second only to Lucinda. The family came first.

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– Throughout her very short life, I do not think she has ever, under any circumstances, put herself first. In that sense, in all other respects, Lucinda was the best mother in the world. Her ability to support, encourage, comfort and motivate her four children is unmatched, Whitaker says.

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