Monday morning price shock: This has never happened before

Monday morning price shock: This has never happened before

Norway now imports a lot of electricity from the unpopular power cable to the UK. This saves us from Swedish extreme prices.

On Monday morning, the stage was set for the new shock price in Norway, the price peak from 9am to 10am, NOK 4.57 per kWh including taxes. In addition, there is phase rent, which pushes the total price over 5 kroner.

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– The price peak for Monday is due to several conditions occurring simultaneously. Karl Einar Svor at Gudbrandsdal Energi reports lower production, lower winds and higher consumption in most parts of Europe.

Norway is saved by electricity from the UK

This means, for example, that Norway will be importing large quantities of electricity from the UK for the first time on Monday:

– Based on Nordpool data, power imports from the UK are expected from 07. The import of electricity through the new North Sea connection cable is expected to take 11 hours, the day Norway will export it back to the UK before the power flow changes, he says.

– This is the first import on a significant day by the NSL, apart from the test run in October. Svor tells Nettavisen that this will help keep prices in southern Norway lower than I feared.

– I was scared for 6-7 kWh + lines, he adds.

After this price peak, prices will return more or less to the usual highs this winter. But this does not apply to everyone:

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– However, Sweden is experiencing the pressure that I fear Southern Norway will experience. Sweden has a maximum hourly rate of 6.50 / kWh NOK before VAT and other taxes. Swedish customers will have to pay more than NOK 8 / kWh during the most expensive hours, he points out.

Emergency production in Sweden

Meanwhile, it has been announced that Sweden will launch its oil-burning Carlshanswerk for power reserves. The reason is that Poland is collapsing.

– Analyzes show that Poland can not maintain the effect for a few hours during the day and will ask for support from its neighbors, including Sweden. Svenska Kraftnät SvK writes that electricity will therefore be available from Karlshamnsverket at the expense of Poland. News.

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