Mora warns: – A five-year-old child suffocated with a helium balloon

Mora warns: - A five-year-old child suffocated with a helium balloon

Five-year-old Carlton Noah Donaghy was declared dead on June 29, after he was strangled six days earlier by a helium balloon in his home.

The tragic accident occurred on June 23 in Gateshead, England.

Mora Lisa Donaghy, 43, found her son with his head trapped inside a helium balloon shaped like a dinosaur.

To the local newspapers Chronicle Live The mother explains that the boy was lying on the ground with the balloon over his head and neck.

– It was a dinosaur-sized balloon. “I think he tried to get into the airship because he wanted to dress up as a dinosaur, and then go out to surprise his nieces,” Donaghy says.

Accident: Carlton Noah Donaghy was supposed to surprise the family. Photo: GoFundMe
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Six days on a ventilator

The whole family was sitting in the garden when Carlton went home to go to the toilet. When he did not go out again, his mother came in to look for him.

When I spotted the five-year-old on the floor, it was already too late.

– I knew he was gone. did not answer. His eyes were open and he was pale.

CPR was performed before the five-year-old was taken to the Royal Victoria Hospital in Newcastle.

Carlton stayed there for six days in the intensive care unit before turning off the ventilator.

– He liked dinosaurs. His mother remembers that a dinosaur’s roar was one of his first words.

Presumed cause of death

The balloon was purchased when the family visited a park in Newcastle on June 17. Donaghy now wants to warn other parents about helium-filled balloons.

According to Chronicle Live, the five-year-old’s death is believed to have been caused by ingestion of helium. However, Avissa notes that the autopsy and toxicology report is still not ready.

Norwegian Health Informatics (NHI) He writes that if you fill your lungs with helium, it replaces vital oxygen. Doing this for a long time can be life threatening.

“Deep breathing with helium can also cause small emboli in the blood (gas bubbles). Cases of deaths from inhalation of helium have been documented.”

On GoFundMe, a family friend, Stephanie Morley, wrote that the money raised would fund Carlton’s funeral. In addition, she wants to create a seat in memory of the five-year-old.

– Carlton was taken too soon, but we know he’s at peace now, infer.

boy died (8)

In June, Dagbladet reported the death of eight-year-old Luke Ramon Harper From Ringsend in Ireland.

The boy had celebrated his birthday the previous week, and was given an octagon-shaped helium balloon.

Harper pulled the balloon over his head.

The autopsy confirmed that the eight-year-old girl died of hypoxia in the brain as a result of a heart attack caused by inhaling helium.

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