More than 50 have left Boris Johnson’s government

More than 50 have left Boris Johnson's government

On Thursday, Northern Ireland Minister Brandon Lewis and the six foreign ministers Helen Whatley, Damian Hinds, George Freeman, Chris Philip, James Cartledge and J Opperman will resign.

Lewis had previously been diligent in defending Johnson, but wrote in his resignation letter that he no longer viewed the government as upholding important values ​​such as honesty, integrity and mutual respect.

– He wrote that the decision to resign is not an easy one, especially at such a critical time for Northern Ireland.

two sides

The six are the latest in a long line of people in and around the Johnson cabinet who have announced their resignations in recent days. According to Sky, there are now 53 who have quit.

Sky News Experience that there are now two faces in Downing Street, where Johnson and the government are.

According to a source, one of the parties is in the process of preparing a letter of resignation for Johnson, but it is unclear whether the prime minister will read it at all. Johnson has so far insisted he will not resign.

The other side is said to be insisting that Johnson stick to his position as prime minister.

no trust

The reason for many of these resignations is that they no longer trust the prime minister, especially in the wake of the Chris Pincher scandal, the latest in a string of scandals surrounding Johnson and his government.

Pincher was recently suspended from the Conservative Party for stabbing two drunk men. There were also accusations against him in 2019 that Johnson was said to have known about, but Pincher was still appointed to a senior position in the party.

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The loss of Northern Ireland Minister Lewis is likely to be heavy for Johnson. It was significant in connection with the recent difficulties surrounding the Northern Ireland Protocol, he writes Sky News.

– Don’t go further

For her part, Wheatley writes that although she argued that Johnson should have committed to the job early on, she could no longer continue in it.

You can only say sorry and move on a certain number of times. Now it no longer works, you write.

On Wednesday, Johnson said he would not step down as prime minister, even though many of his cabinet colleagues have asked him to.

– Mess

“The chaos in the prime minister’s house, the collapse of the collective responsibility of government, the defense of improper behavior and the defiance of Parliament are all insults to the conservatism in which I believe and support,” George Freeman wrote in his resignation letter.

Damian Hinds was a former education minister under former Prime Minister Theresa May, but is now stepping down as foreign minister at the Home Office.

Hinds now writes that the standards we maintain in public life and the belief in our democracy are more important than any government or leader.

Children lost during the pandemic

Jay Opperman, who served as secretary of state in the Department of Work and Pensions, says he was particularly troubled by the party’s scandal. Many in and around Boris Johnson’s government, including himself, have been fined for breaking Corona rules while partying at, among other places, the prime minister’s residence.

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Oberman himself lost his two twin children during the pandemic and was unable to visit his wife in hospital due to the strict Corona rules.

“Unfortunately, recent events have shown that the government simply does not operate under your leadership,” Oberman wrote in his resignation letter.

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