More than 90 percent of global warming is man-made

More than 90 percent of global warming is man-made

Hot Summer: A man cooling off in Ostia near Rome last August. Photo: Gregorio Borgia/AP/NTB

The researchers concluded that global warming is also proceeding faster than before.

This is what the Associated Press news agency wrote, referring to a report published in the scientific journal Earth system science data.

The researchers, who consist of a group of 57 people from several different countries, looked into the causes of record high temperatures in the world in 2023.

The world has witnessed several consecutive months of record high temperatures.

In Europe, people are preparing for another hot summer.

The researchers concluded that up to 92% of last year's global warming was human-caused. The rest had natural causes.

According to researchers, large emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases are responsible for most of global warming.

Researchers from Cicero, Norway also contributed to the study.

– It is an important discovery, says Cicero's research leader, Gunnar Myhre NRC.

– Last year, the atmosphere and ocean circulation also contributed El Nino He adds: “Something about the temperature rise, but you find that it was less than 10 percent of the temperature rise that we saw last year.”

He explains that the researchers used knowledge based on studies evaluated by the UN climate panel in their work.

The pace of global warming is also increasing. In 2023, it was 0.26 degrees per decade, up from 0.25 degrees from the previous year, the Associated Press wrote.

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Researcher Sonia Seneviratne at ETH Zurich University in Switzerland says the situation is dangerous.

– If we see an acceleration, such as reaching a global turning point, this would be the worst possible scenario she tells the AP He adds:

– But what is happening now is really very bad and is already having a big impact. We are in the midst of a crisis.

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