Morgan Wallen Banned From The Country Music Awards – VG

Morgan Wallen Banned From The Country Music Awards - VG
2019: Morgan Wallen on the red carpet before the CMA Awards in Nashville two years ago.

The country star (28) was nominated for an award during the Nashville gala in November. But he is not allowed to come.


For the first time in the 55-year history of the awards ceremony, a nominated artist has been denied participation in the festivities.

Morgan Allen has lie down and apologize After a New Year’s racism scandal, where a neighbor filmed him chanting “n-word.” But that doesn’t help the Country Music Association, which is behind the CMA Awards.

They think Wallen breaks everything the Country Music Association stands for.

Honoring him as a human being this year is not correct. He is not allowed to enter our red carpet, go on stage or be greeted in any way, the organization’s president, Sarah Trairn, tells Los Angeles Times.

Wallen lined up in a remorseful interview, checked in for rehab and made it clear he didn’t mean anything bad by shouting insults. It was then removed from radio playlists and temporarily suspended from his record label.

Wallen has yet to comment on the ban from the Country Music Awards. employment Instagram He has a selfie showing him with the statuette he won at the same party last year, for Best Newcomer.

– There is no justification

The 28-year-old said in a video on social media in February that he was embarrassed and upset.

I made unacceptable and inappropriate racist statements and I hope to retract them. There is no excuse for this kind of language. I sincerely apologize and promise to be sharper.

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After the apology, he climbed to the top of the country charts in the United States once again with songs from “Dangerous: The Double Album,” the best-selling single of the year. For this reason, it was also nominated in the “Album of the Year” category.

A portion of Wallen’s record sales proceeds went to the Black Music Action Coalition.

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