Moriah Refugee Camp: Ten years in prison for arson

Nine months after a fire at a Greek refugee camp in Moriah, four young Afghans were each sentenced to ten years in prison. The settlers on the island camp were found guilty Lesbos Deliberately setting it on fire. The AFP news agency quoted defenders as saying. According to the DPA, the accused immediately appealed – according to the Greek State Broadcasting Corporation (ERT). Due to Corona health regulations, no journalists were allowed to participate on Sioux Island.

According to AFP, the defendant’s attorneys denied that their clients had received a fair trial. Three of the defendants were therefore not recognized as minors at the time of the incident, although they presented relevant documents.

When the fire broke out in September 2020, the Moria refugee camp in Lesbos Almost completely destroyed, About 12,000 people became homeless overnight. Police identified six youths and a man Afghanistan As suspects – they are said to have started a fire to force them to relocate to the mainland of Greece. Two of them were already under juvenile justice in March He was sentenced to five years in prison. They have also appealed.

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