MortenP, F.C. | The Emperor was completely naked, even the Chief Justice should be able to admit that

MortenP, F.C. |  The Emperor was completely naked, even the Chief Justice should be able to admit that

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Video Assisted Referee (VAR) I became part of football because football wants more justice, not less. It doesn’t get any more complicated than that.

When VAR is used as a corrective guide without misguided collegiality and passion for what happens on the pitch – the referee’s decision – it’s a wonderful tool.

The moment the VAR room prefers not to review the referee’s decision, there is no point in doing so.

That was it Which happened in Lerkendal on Sunday evening. This is not the case with this column. This fact is from Chief Referee Terje Hauge’s investigation on TV2’s Football Night, where the man with the highest refereeing responsibility in Norwegian football gave an explanation he himself did not believe.

On the one hand, he said a yellow card is good based on certain criteria.

In the second, he said Sandefjord Filip Ottosson’s foot planted in the forehead of Rosenborg’s Markus Henriksen, in isolation, was a red card.

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Morten Pedersen is from Valerenga, east of Oslo. She worked as a freelancer at Arbeiderbladet while at school. To Dagbladet in 1986. Two spells as Dagbladet’s correspondent in London. The electronic newspaper from 2021. Editor and publisher of Football Magazine – 4-4-3 Gatelagmagasinet.

You should be Judge to be able to come to such a conclusion / interpretation, and there you have the problem. Referees. If Norwegian referees want to become better at refereeing football matches, they have to dare to admit mistakes.

The first step is for the referees on the field to want to rectify and take it upon themselves that the job of the VAR room is not to act as a defence.

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The next point should be that VAR referees understand that they are there to correct mistakes, not to be collegial and legitimize wrong decisions with questionable rulings.

And here’s why Not the tool there was anything wrong with when Philip Ottoson fled Sandefjord with the one Kevin Krygård was sent from Haugesund to bathe in Nadderud. It was his use that failed. Instead of seeing what everyone saw – it was a clear red card – the VAR referee looked for mitigating circumstances.

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On Football Night, when referee Terje Hauge had the chance to put the locker in its place, he let the fellowship run away with him.

Instead of admitting an obvious mistake, he chose to wrap his yellow card in meaningless extenuating circumstances.

That the Norwegian judges Struggle with level, we know that. Jobs granted in Europe are a good indication of this. When Espen Escas managed Red Bull RB Leipzig-Celtic in the Champions League last fall, he was the first Norwegian referee since February 2016 (Sven Udvar Moen – Ghent Wolfsburg) to officiate at the highest level in Europe.

However, with the introduction of VAR by Eliteserien, we thought the worst wrongs would be righted.

After not using Sunday Night Football betting, there is still a long way to go.

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When the president is the first judge The extra is shown on TV and defends what happened – while simultaneously acknowledging that it was “technically” a red card – unfortunately things only get worse. Call it comedy. Of course, it is understood that one of the main referee’s tasks is to call his mates when the cash drops, but not at any cost.

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If the emperor is naked, then the emperor is naked – this has always been the case.

In Lerkendal on Sunday evening, the emperor was completely naked.

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at the starting point Video refereeing is a corrective tool that refereeing matches should not do. decent. When the referees’ support on the pitch is misunderstood it becomes embarrassing.

Finding debatable elements that make a right wrong—and in that sense make what is clearly wrong a double wrong—is intimidating.

It’s like shooting yourself in the foot.

There is an important reason, and that is to correct errors such as those at Lerkendal.

If the Norwegian judges don’t agree, or even worse, they fear the consequences—then, as a friend used to say, when a blind man puts his eye into a light switch, put all the crap aside.

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