Moskenes, Lofoten | Want phrase alerts on mobile

Moskenes, Lofoten |  Want phrase alerts on mobile

Malin Brun is originally from Leknes, but has lived in Bodø for 12 years. She and her roommate used the Moskenes ferry mostly when they traveled to visit Malin's family in Vestvågøya. The drive from Leknes to the ferry dock in Moskenes takes 1 hour.

– I understand that weather-related obstacles and technical errors can result in route cancellations. Malin Brun wonders: Why aren't we notified via SMS?

On several occasions, she and her roommate had to drive an hour to an empty ferry dock after reserving a spot in advance.

– Finally, we give up all contact information when we pre-order. Then it would be good to be notified when the phrase doesn't work. There are systems for this, just look at Widerøe. Cancellations are notified continuously via SMS. It says: You will be notified if the flight changes its route.

Bad solution for the opposite

Brun describes the service as “well below par.”

– It is also rare to include additional departures to compensate for cancellations due to technical error. In other words, there's a whole list of beards in the mailbox waiting for the next boat — which is full in the summer, and that's OK — that might not go either, she says.

On several occasions she turned around and drove the car in the other direction. But there was no good solution either.

-If you drive over Hamarøya instead, you might not be lucky enough as the Bognes-Lødingen ferry is also full. “I took part in two stops to leave there, and then I got 'stuck' in Sorfolda because the road was closed,” she says.

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Check newspapers online

Travelers in Nordland are asked to call Vegtrafikksentralen on 175 and the Nordland County Municipality's travel app Reis Nordland. But there, too, Bron and his roommate never experienced receiving full information.

– The best thing is to check Lofotposten or Avisa Nordland. Apparently the media is notified first if the ferries are cancelled. Not all travelers know about local newspapers, she says.

On the last Pentecost, the couple had problems returning to Bodo. The roommate tried to contact Torghatten, but it is only possible to call there during business hours on weekdays. He tried 175, and got none the wiser. He tried the Torghatten Nord website, to no avail. There was also no one on the sidewalk who could provide information.

-I want to stress that I am not frustrated with the people on the sidewalk. They are doing their best. It's the system, or lack thereof, that makes me feel frustrated, she says.

– Removes a good system

Malin Brun is also disappointed with the ferry card system which she feels has deteriorated. Fergekort is a subscription system that enables you to drive at a discounted price with several different ferry companies, including Torghatten. When booking a place, it was previously only necessary to enter the ferry card number, and the discount also came automatically.

-But the last time I had to pre-book a spot on the ferry, the ferry ticket number could no longer be filled out. I contacted Torghatten, who said they had received a new system. You must pay the full price, and then submit your claim to redeem the discount via email. Talk about a cookie factory. “They had a system that worked well for customers, and they replaced it with a system that didn’t work,” she says.

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Will be contacted

Torghatten Nord operates the Moskenes-Bodø ferry line on behalf of the Swedish Road Administration. Operations Manager Reidar Waage at Torghatten Nord Lofotposten informed that it is entirely possible to receive alerts via SMS, but this is a service that passengers must subscribe to.

– Anyone who wishes can subscribe for free to SMS and e-mail, writing in an e-mail to Lofotposten.

Customers should contact [email protected] with their name, phone number or email if they wish to be notified of traffic announcements.

– Nordland County Council also has its page “Reis Nordland” where you can also subscribe to traffic reports. He says the Swedish Roads Administration has its own channels where you can also select ferry connections or bridges to get traffic alerts.

Regarding criticism that it is no longer possible to reserve a place on the ferry using a ferry card, Waage promises improvement.

– It is true that the shipping company has introduced a new reservation system, and that ferry tickets cannot be used as of today, but IT is working to ensure that this will also be possible in the new reservation system, he writes.

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