Most hospitals are not vaccinated

Most hospitals are not vaccinated

The very tight capacity in the health care system is said to be one of the most important reasons for the new, intrusive measures introduced.

There are fears that hospitals and municipal health services will be overburdened.

In recent days, the number of corona patients admitted to the hospital has increased. The new record was set on Wednesday 375 patients with corona – 122 of whom are in the intensive care unit.

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At 45 to 48 weeks, four out of ten people admitted for Covit-19 are unvaccinated, even though this group is less than one-tenth of the adult population.

Something happened last week. At that time, 106 of the 205 new patients were not vaccinated, the latest statistics show National Institute of Public Health. 90 were fully vaccinated, six of whom received three vaccine doses.

The majority of unvaccinated corona patients are now in Norwegian hospitals.

Differences between vaccinated and non-vaccinated patients

Since the inception of the coronary vaccination program, 894 people have been fully vaccinated (of which 75 have been vaccinated with three doses), 110 have been partially vaccinated and 3137 unvaccinated hospitalized patients have been infected with Govt-19.

In Study NIPH shows that there are differences in the course of vaccinated and unvaccinated patients. Those who are fully vaccinated will have a shorter hospital stay and the risk of requiring treatment in the intensive care unit is lower. The course of the disease is often short and short.

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Most of the patients now admitted to the vaccinated hospital are over 75 years of age. Three-fourths belong to risk groups.

Unvaccinated patients are significantly younger, with an average age of 53 years. Less than one-third of these belong to risk groups.

This suggests that vaccines significantly protect against hospitalization – albeit to a lesser extent among the elderly.

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According to the FHI, this may be due to:

  • The elderly generally achieve lower vaccine coverage.
  • This age group has more time from the second dose.
  • There was a short interval between one and two doses for this age group.

In recent weeks, there has been a decline in the number of corona-related deaths. Last week, 45 deaths were reported so far, compared to 47 deaths in the previous week.

From the 45th week to the 48th week, 175 deaths have been vaccinated. Of these, 134 were fully vaccinated, six were partially vaccinated and 37 were not vaccinated.

We know this about those who are not vaccinated

Vaccine coverage is very high in Norway. 72% of the total population and 88% of the population over the age of 18 have now received two doses.

About 339,000 adults have not yet taken the first dose. According to FHI Assistant Director Geir Bukholm, there are some medical reasons for not getting vaccinated.

– Bucolm tells Dopplet that the group with a medical cause is only a few thousand.

Those vaccinated are more likely to be older and less likely to be vaccinated. About 30,000 people are said to be unvaccinated FHI Protection from previous infections.

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About 164,000 people have taken the first dose alone. 10,000 of them have good protection against infections after the first dose.

NIPH has released an overview of vaccine coverage by country of birth, where immigrants from some countries have lower vaccination coverage than the general population.

Of those born in Poland (40 percent), Romania (40 percent), Latvia (40 percent) and Lithuania (43 percent), those over 18 are fully vaccinated.

The number of new hospital patients born outside Norway has recently increased. In the past four weeks, 216 people born outside Norway and those with known vaccine status have been admitted to Norwegian hospitals. Of these, 142 (66 percent) were not vaccinated.

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