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“Desperate action is needed in times of frustration”.

This is how the regional committee in Tjøtta and Offersøy in Alstahaug Municipality began their letter to cottage owners in the scenic area along Kystriksveien on Helkland Beach.

The reason for this is the lack of housing. Families who want to move to the area will not find a place to stay, the group said.


According to the area committee chairman, the vacant houses are being converted into holiday homes Helge Johansson.

He believes the cabins were not used enough

The district committee further writes that they are aware that there are 14 holiday homes in the center of Tjøtta and Offersøy, which are described as “not much used by neighbors”.

The area committee asks you to consider selling or renting these In the open market.

Dijota is a boat berth in Kristriksween

Photo: Inger-Liz Nilsson / NRK

– eYou allow yourself to be contacted by anyone who needs a house to rent or own. We plan a call round later, the team writes.

It was the newspaper iSandnessjøen The case was first mentioned.

– Delicious

Reactions do not take long to come.

One of the cottage owners in the area is Nut Zullamstro. He was one of 14 members of the Area Committee who believed that the holiday home should not be used on a large scale.

Access to the letter he returned to the Area Committee has been granted to the NRK. Jullumstrø agrees that NRK discusses the content of the letter.

Here Describes the letter as disgusting “Disk boot”.

– dHe writes that asking me to consider selling or renting my house in Tjøtta is as disgusting as asking “old, energetic retirees” to leave their homes to someone with children.

He also denies that cottage owners contribute to the local community.

Tjøtta in Alstahaug

About 200 people live in Tjøtta. The Area Committee wants more apartments. But need housing.

Photo: Inger-Liz Nilsson

I volunteer when asked, and would like to contribute as much as possible in all contexts. Do you think it’s unbelievable that a regional committee would look at the people of Tjøtta as a problem and see as strong an interest in Tjøtta as possible?

After all, despite the high number of holiday homes in the area, it is unfortunate that 14 cottage owners have been selected.

Recipients of the letter also appear to have been selected on the basis of “observations of neighboring countries.” I hope you understand that this type of surveillance can be very uncomfortable and intrusive for those involved. Zullamstro writes that when and how much people use their property depends on the individual.

Councilor: – Virtual bullying

This is not the first time municipalities have taken steps to force people to sell their holiday homes.

Earlier, the mayor of Trena used social media to promote the sale or rent of condominiums with holiday homes:

Councilor Børge Toft in Alstahaug says the municipality has received strong reactions after the letter. It also emphasizes that in this case the area committee did not represent the municipality.

The Area Committee has no mandate to do this. People are upset. It has been special to contact family members in Tjøtta for generations and ask them to sell their room. It is possible It almost feels like bullying and hanging out with individuals, says Taft.

Børge Toft, Councilor Alstahaug

– These are people’s property. Borge Taft, a councilor in Alstahock, says it is not the municipality’s case whether it is used more or less.

Photo: Frank Niecard / NRK

He thinks Too bad the committee letter is not a general request.

– de spying on almost 14 people, they thought they were related, and the neighbors noticed that there were some. Doft says it’s complicated and out of bounds.

The councilor, who denies that there is a housing shortage in the municipality, believes the municipality has facilitated the construction of houses in the area.

– Storm in a glass of water

Helge Johansen is the Chairman of Tjøtta and the Offersøy Area Committee self-criticizes. Not in the content of the letter, but in the way it is said.

– We may have shaped ourselves in a different way. At the same time, the reactions can be stormy in a glass of water. Our message is to get home. We are not saying people To To sell. One request is that if there are small used homes they can rent or sell, Johansson tells the NRK.

The area committee knows that families with young children / children need 4 houses. There may be many. Lack of housing According to Johansson, the growing population is contributing to the decline.

The lack of accommodation for families who want to move to the area is obviously a problem. The school has fewer than 30 students from elementary and middle schools, and it now appears there will be 8 vacancies in the kindergarten in the fall.

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