Mourning room in the church

Mourning room in the church

The Church of Norway makes a national offering for people in mourning. In the past year several thousand grief talks and groups have been held.

Church staff have extensive training and experience in speaking to people experiencing grief. (Photo: Jarl Hvidsten/Norwegian Church)

Churches across the country are offering open chapels and speaking about grief and bereavement.

Church is a natural place to search for sadness, whether with good or bad memories. There is room for grief in the church.

This is what Jan Christian Kielland says about the Norwegian Church’s offer to people in mourning. He is the Director of the Department of Ecclesiastical and Ecumenical Studies at the Church Council.

Increasing request

The church offers a wide range of services to people in mourning, and the demand for spiritual care services is increasing. Church staff have extensive training and experience in speaking to people experiencing grief.

– There is a feeling that the need for calls is increasing across the country, and offers are constantly being developed to meet this demand – for example to be accessible to young people, says Kelland.

In 2022, there were 32,825 such conversations under the auspices of the Church of Norway. In addition, 902 has arranged a bereavement group, where people experiencing grief come together in groups over time to share experiences with others.

– This is an important part of the church’s work that many appreciate. Eight out of ten members feel that the church is good for society when it supports people experiencing grief.

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Next weekend, November 4 and 5, All Saints’ Day will be celebrated in the Church of Norway with concerts, open chapels for candle lighting and services with the names of those who have passed away in the past year read.

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