– MrBeast is totally extreme – VG

- MrBeast is totally extreme - VG
Recently Jimmy Donaldson arranged several competitions where the winner runs away with a lot of money.

He gave up his studies and bet everything on YouTube. Now he is among the highest paid on the platform.

There has been much talk about Jimmy “MrBeast” Donaldson (23 years old) from Kansas, USA.

Lots of reason is the post recently Squid-videoen . game, which the 23-year-old claimed he spent 35 million kroner on making.

Only three years ago, he sat at home in his room and it numbered a hundred thousand. It became his first real video to go viral.

In the years between the two videos, he built himself into one of the biggest stars on YouTube.

Randol has been following MrBeast for several years.

– He’s quite extreme, says Sander “Randol” Ostad Dale (23 years old) of his teammate. In short, he explains Donaldson’s success as follows:

– He was very interested in having a title first, and then with a concept that would attract as much attention as possible.

Projected studies

The American posted his first video on YouTube at the age of thirteen.

– I was happy with 10 views, he recently wrote on Twitter about that time.

At first it was about gaming and trying different stunts. After finishing college, he soon found out that further studies were not for him, and left the university after only a few weeks. He wrote that when his mother found out, he had to stay away from home Bloomberg.

Number of tents 100,000

Donaldson spent all his time on YouTube and horrific inventions. I really took off when he came Next idea In 2017: Count to 100,000. The trick took 40 hours.

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When he donated 10,000 kronor to a homeless man the following year, all of which is of course documented on YouTube, he got what counts as a hack.

trick It brought with it praise and criticism. Donation videos are now an American brand.

With financial help from sponsors, he began to give large sums to those in need, but also Random game aficionados Call.

After the criticism that initially followed, he chose to provide food and clothing to the homeless rather than cash.

– Initially, he put all the revenue into the next video, so if you go back, you’ll find videos with a $1000 budget. Randulle tells VG it’s a hit if you now watch the Squid Game video.

This video, which cost more than 35 million kroner to produce himself, gained more than 150 million views in two weeks.

How do you carry it?

The answer is basically many followers. The screenwriter wrote that he has more than 83 million subscribers, which means that the level of YouTube’s “pay per 1000 views” system is high.


Jimmy Donaldson posted this picture of himself with a lot of money in connection with the contest he arranged.

It is estimated that Donaldson earns an average of more than 360,000 kronor per day on payments from YouTube alone. In addition, there is income from sponsors and goods. In one year, he earned more than 204 million kroner on the channel, according to Forbes.

Donaldson previously said on his own channel that the videos of the donations are sponsored, and that the money is primarily he gives to individuals or charities.

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Mr. Best Shelves

Randol has a great sense of humor in his fellow YouTuber.

– He seems to be a nice guy who has donated a lot to charity at the same time he makes entertainment. A role model for anyone involved in entertainment, not just YouTubers.


Becoming a business leader has also posed challenges for 23-year-old Donaldson. I mentioned earlier this year The New York Times That many former employees described as a “toxic work environment.” YouTube star will not comment.

Randol also received criticism.

– I’ve heard a little about it, but I have the impression that he wants a lot.

In general he says:

There is a lot of work for everyone involved, no doubt about it. For example, the entire collection about a Squid game video was faked in less than two months.

Books “Theme”

Donaldson also had to answer for derogatory words about gays.

– What many don’t find funny with MrBeast are the anti-gay jokes on YouTube, or his habit of calling people “fags”, Atlantic Books I 2018.

– He answered me when I confronted him: I do not offend anyone.

– I’m just a stupid boy making youtube videos and I don’t like doing interviews, go ahead and wonder if they’d rather make a positive case.

Minutes after the conversation ended, Twitter messages containing the word “topic” were deleted.

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