Mu Industrial Complex, Renewable Energy | Mo Industripark enters the property side of the new National Renewable Energy Center

Mu Industrial Complex, Renewable Energy |  Mo Industripark enters the property side of the new National Renewable Energy Center

Industry in Helgeland is committed to the founding of Arven, and the company begins in a press release Wednesday morning.

Arven will become a national center of knowledge and expertise for renewable energy, and will be built in the municipality of Leirfjord in Nordland. The Knowledge Center now has Mo Industripark on the property side.

Renewable energy as an identity

Arvin will report stories on renewable energy production and consumption from across the country. The main focus will be on images of the future and new knowledge that can improve discussions about green transformation.

The industry at Mo Industripark is powered by 100 percent renewable energy. This is part of our identity. Not just as companies, but as a community, says Arve Ulriksen, CEO of Mo Industripark and continues:

We build on our industrial history when we build our industrial future. When MIP becomes co-owner of Arven, it’s not because we want to build a museum around history. On the contrary, we share the ambition that this will be a national center of competence and a catalyst for further development in the region.

Heritage is located in the middle of an area where nature is blessed with large amounts of energy, in the form of water and wind. The energy refining industry ensures that this is further improved. As in the countless generations before us, our modern industry also reaps nature’s eternal cycle. We contribute to vibrant jobs and communities, says the MIP Program Director.

And the fact that Arven will be based here in Leirfjorden also points to something very central.

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In areas where there is expertise and infrastructure for renewable energy harvesting. And renewable energy is key to the regions’ future: a sustainable industry facing a climate-friendly future, says Ulrichsen.

The legacy is based on digital communications, which can be shared by partners from across the country. For example, through virtual reality glasses, games for tablets and monitors, or practical tasks that can be used in teaching, the press release says.

the legacy

what or what:

Arven will become a center of national knowledge and expertise for a revitalized future society. The center is located in Forslandsdalen in Leirfjord, Nordland.


The transition to a renewed society is the greatest challenge of our time. Hydropower is Norway’s most important renewable energy source, and is the basis of our energy system. In the future, we will need more sustainable energy sources to cover the growing need for energy. To manage this, we must learn from each other – across industries and generations. Then we need a place where knowledge can meet. A place that reflects the possibilities of the future in light of our strength history.


Helgeland Knowledge Park, Nordland Science Center, Helgeland Kraft, Leirfjord Municipality, Salten Kraftsamband, Nordkraft, Mo Industripark.

Knowledge and Experience Center

Lillian Sorensen, project manager at Kunnskapsparken Helgeland and general manager at Arven, is thrilled that industry in the region is behind the project. It is important for Arvin to become a center of knowledge for the whole country. The legacy will tell stories about renewable energy and the value creation that we get from it, and this is where the industry plays a very important role, says the press release.

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The heritage will be created in connection with Øvre Forsland, a hydroelectric power plant that has won international architecture awards.

– We also plan for this to become a world-class tourist attraction, and a natural stopping point on the road through Norway. It will be an ideal starting point for learning and experiences, amidst the wonderful nature and modern architecture. We live in an area that will be at the forefront of a green transition, and this is where we will find the energy solutions of the future. Such a center would create a desire to live and reside for the area’s residents, Sorensen says.

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