June 10, 2023


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Municipality of Lillestrom, Water | The waters in large parts of Lilliström are now declared healthy

ROMERIKES BLADE: The municipality of Lillestrom reported on Saturday evening that water had been restored in large parts of the municipality.

“This means that the cooking recommendation is up for most of the municipality’s residents.”And Municipal writes.

Let the cold water run

It is the municipal chief physician Bettina Vosberg who has declared the water healthy, in consultation with the Norwegian Food Safety Authority and the Nedre Romerike water and sanitation company. A number of water samples have been taken in recent days, and all samples show that the water is safe.

– We have several batches of samples that are completely OK and so in dialogue with the Norwegian Food Safety Authority we have assessed that the water is again safe in large parts of Lilleström, says Vosberg.

Before using the water, according to Lillestrøm municipality, you must:

* Let the cold water run for approx. 5 minutes before using it

* Empty the hot water tank, until you get clean water in the tank

We recommend this as a precaution, to remove what little you have in your pipes, says Vosberg.

How to empty the hot water tank: “The hot water tank can be drained by opening the hot water tap and letting it run until the cold water comes out – this is the best way to empty it. If the hot water tank is in a room with a drain, it can also be drained with the help of a drain plug, if you know how to do it. In buildings With shared facilities, this should be dealt with by the caretaker.”

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The exceptions are Leirsund and Asak, where water to be drunk and used for cooking still has to be boiled.

Clarification on Lersund and Isak is expected on Monday.

– Here we are still waiting for the final test results. Leirsund and Asak are closer to the treatment plant and had a lot of particulate matter in their water to begin with, which is why we were late sampling. We’ll do a new assessment once we have two sets of micro-samples 12 hours apart, says Vosberg.

No change in Lørenskog

In Lørenskog Municipality, there is currently no change. Here, boiling water is still recommended for residents living in this area.