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Vaksinering med Pfizer

This article is more than a month old and may contain expired advice from the authorities regarding coronary heart disease.

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This is a precaution, but we are concerned that vaccination should be safe.

That’s what Monica Brecken, the epidemiologist at Melhausen, says. Vaccination has been postponed until Monday, leaving more than a thousand people in the municipality to wait.

But there is some danger in traveling in a storm “Kida” is not worth exposing yourself to, Brecken believes.

We had made plans to vaccinate this afternoon, but because the weather was so unsafe we ​​postponed

It was Tranderbladet The first to mention the message.

Additional resources

A new appointment will be made next week for those whose vaccination has been postponed.

We will be investing in additional resources next week and will carry out both evening vaccinations and weekend vaccinations, ”says Marianne Thoreson, a municipal pharmacist in Melhus.

A lot of rain and wind is expected when extreme weather really catches up in most parts of the country on Wednesday. Therefore, there should not be many complaints that the vaccination time is delayed.

Thoreson says people are well aware of this decision.

Thursday morning results

They consider the same in the neighboring municipality of Orkland.

When there is a risk of the storm escalating and getting really ugly and getting off the road, we keep that in mind, says Jimmy Wickel.

He, the municipal chief physician, said the topic was raised at a meeting on Wednesday. If the vaccine is discontinued, more than 1,500 municipalities will have to move the vaccine.

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– We follow the weather throughout the night and decide on the morning branch.

Jimmy Wickell, Municipal Chief Physician in Arkland.

Photo: Orkland Municipality

I talked to the district doctor

Melhaz Municipality contacted the district physician in Trondheim when they decided to stop the vaccination race.

District Physician John Vaz believes the municipality has made a wise decision.

– The safety of citizens must come first. Although it is important to get vaccinated as soon as possible, do not let people die on the road at dangerous times.

In Westland County, there are no plans to stop the vaccine. Møre og is not in Romsdal, despite the implementation of Christian activities.

John Waugh

Trondolak, John Vaz District Physician.

Photo: Stein Roarlight / NRK

Sets up the emergency department

Kristiansund has actually had a number of infections since the New Year, and plans to vaccinate 1,850 people tomorrow night.

In the event of a power outage during a storm, a grid company called Mellom has set up an emergency power supply today. This is greatly appreciated by the Municipal Chief Physician Askil Sandwick.

This is absolutely amazing. We are in a big local outbreak and we are totally dependent on vaccinating them tomorrow to provide them with the protection they need, ”says Sandwick.

But do you think people will appear in bad weather?

That’s a good question. We hope that as many people as possible will meet and encourage everyone who has the time, he says.

Unit at Pratalan in Christiansund

An emergency department has been set up in Christianchund.

Photo: Torre Lingver / NRK

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