Murder, true news | The defendant in the Birkitte Dengs case dropped out of the Espace case

Murder, true news |  The defendant in the Birkitte Dengs case dropped out of the Espace case

Police have told TV2 that the man accused of killing Birkitte Dengs has been dropped from the Espace case.

– The man had an alibi when Trudeau Espace was killed and was not in Jayranger, according to Youngway Scowley, a mere oak police inspector in the Ramstall police district. Channels 23 Saturday night.

Police announced Saturday afternoon that they would check to see if the accused in the Espes case had any connection.

– Of course we will do what is necessary and test this man like all other possible candidates, said Scovley. Sunnmørsposten Earlier Saturday night.

The 50-year-old man was arrested this week and remanded in custody Friday. Birkitte was charged with the murder of Dengs In Carmel in 1995. He is also suspected of killing Tina Jurkenson, who went missing from Stavanger in 2000.

Espace was found murdered in 1996 in Jayranger. The case has been pending since then.

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It was decided to check the accused Dengs against the Espes case, after the legal aid attorney for Trudeau Espace’s family made that claim.

– They did not carry out any investigation in one direction or the other. Assistant Attorney John Christian Elton said it would be an advantage for the accused man and Trudeau’s mother to have such an initial investigation happen immediately. V.G. Saturday afternoon.

The 50-year-old is suspected of killing Birkitte Dengs in 1995 and Tina Jurkenson in 2000.

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Police said there was no reason to believe the person was involved in the Espace case. Police investigator Unni Pieberk Malmin said it would not be appropriate to see him in this case Dagbladet Friday, but Saturday night they did a full U-turn.

Elton said he was formally asking police to investigate whether the person was involved in the Espeze case.

– Therefore, in order to get the mother to clarify the rumors, there are all the reasons to carry out simple investigations before doing the check-out. If he has waterproof alibi, he can leave the tank, he said.

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