November 28, 2022


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music pulse |  In honor of Jan Egom Musical Theater: - He comes out with a big smile around his mouth

music pulse | In honor of Jan Egom Musical Theater: – He comes out with a big smile around his mouth

I give them a six, because when you come out of the show you have a big smile on your face. That means it was fun, says Ron Larsen.

The guy from Laksifog describes Egom’s music show as a very entertaining performance.

– He says that what ties them together best is the humor in the play.

good response

Saturday was the movie premiere Jan Egom’s musical “Long Night”. It’s the big project for the Forum scene this fall. More than 15,000 tickets have already been sold for upcoming shows.

There was laughter in the hall from start to finish and most people seemed to leave the place satisfied.

Watch the audience verdict in the video below:

Bergen residents with my neighbors Helmeland, Caroline Krueger, Kristen Gulbrandsen, Klaus Seefull and Christian Berggaten make up the cast of the stage. In the end, the famous Jan Egom also appeared in his role.

After the premiere, the BA chose three random members of the audience whom we allowed to roll the dice with the reasons. Ron Larsen was one of them, and Torrid Mauldwin was another.

– Nice. Jan Eggum’s music is very beautiful and they all did it well. There were tears at the end, she says, as she rolled six.

Also loved the show Lila Nordsven. She is a huge fan of Jan Eggum and believes he was the best on stage. The lady who made the flight from Oslo just for the premiere has no regrets – and rolled all five dice.

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– I totally like the singing performances. Bjarte Hjelmeland carries a lot and Kroger is great. Each of the others are also good in their own way, but when you’re an Eggum fan at the level I am, I go a lot further in analyzing the details. Maybe that’s unfair to the good music, which I’m really glad to see.

This was the performance

The romantic comedy depicts the story of Bjørn (Hjelmeland) who wants to bring his wife Lise (Krüger) to Jan Eggum’s party without the latter’s consent. In the end, we understand why, but on the way there, loads of funny gold coins and Eggum music are presented.

In the opening scene, we meet the main characters and the couple Bjørn (Hjelmeland) and Lise (Krüger). The former is a character who talks about inhaling and exhaling. He struggles to see anything from another perspective than his own and lacks a bit of self-awareness. All in all, a somewhat hopeless character. A guy you laugh at, not with, and he seems to fit the audience well. They sure are laughing at him.

despite. It is the couple’s wedding day. Bjørn is proud, enthusiastic, and excited – he arranged a place on the guest list for his wife and himself for Jan Eggum’s party. Liz, on the other end of the phone line, is clearly not happy with the plan laid out. She hides it as best she can in the conversation, but her face doesn’t lie to the audience.

Liz frantically tries to sneak away from the concert and invites her best friend, Trolls, Evan (Yatten). He was asked to pretend it was his birthday and to stay with them for a drink as a cover plan. Bjorn thinks so Three is one too muchAnd he doesn’t like that his wife’s boyfriend is now standing in the way of his romantic recipe for success. He resolved the situation by arranging a third party ticket.

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In short, he eventually ended up arranging five tickets, because their new neighbor Julie and fellow Björn Tommy suddenly ended up in Forspil at the couple’s home. While you wonder along the way if Liz doesn’t want to go to the prom herself, or if she really wants to avoid going on a date with her husband, you finally get to the point where the reluctance comes from. Without revealing much, it has to do with her relationship with Jan Egom.

The premiere got a good response from the audience. There was laughter during most of the scenes and the applause was unmissable. And towards the end of the show, the audience applauded with a standing ovation. Jåtten in particular received a lot of laughs for his role as Truls Even, while Jan Eggum himself was the one to deliver the highest decibel in the hall.