Music That Demands Ignore – VG

Music That Demands Ignore - VG
ARENDAL WAV BOUNCES: Calvin Harris from the time he was a DJ at Hovefestivalen

The pool and barbecue are cool for those who can’t create their own playlists.


VG dice show two points

according to his words Adam Richard Wiles jumped the EDM bandwagon in 2016.

In many ways, there is a relative recovery of the year that can boast or brag about it His homeland jumped out of the European Union and The orange man jumped into the position of President of the United States.

Ina Wordson’s ex-partner Instead, go to the same funk district that Daft Punk reinvented in 2013, one that perfectly balances Anti-Chic, Parliament/Funkadelic, and Garden-party-by-the-pool-chill.
on me “Funk Wav Bounce vol.”. 1 inch (2017) It was The richest DJ in the world An impressive guest who falls behind the microphone, including Frank Ocean, Snoop, Ariana Grande and Migos. So does a little Pharrell Williams.

The songs sounded like well-mixed drinks for pool parties, slipping past each other in the same timid sunset as the cover photo.

Incredibly, the sequel took five years and has – not incredibly – many “big” names. Snoop is still around. Of course Farrell too. No part Migos, Dua Lipa, or Halsey can do much wrong. Also, Busta Rhymes click in a semi-good manner in “Ready or Not” (Not Fugees-homage).

However, it impresses even more with its delicacy.

The songs flow into each other more than the previous one. The production is so beautiful, so well composed and mixed so well that it is almost unpleasant that such obvious vocal talent would waste his expertise on such simple solutions.

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Except for Swae Lee’s sad “Lean on Me” collaboration (No salute to Bill Withers) is “Funk Wav Bounce vol. 2” music that fades into the background, never asking to be listened to, danced to, or associated with in general.

He can sometimes seem like the height of elegance, just without Niall Rodgers’ magical fingers and his mind. More songs were really supposed to earn Rodgers’ aforementioned songwriting credits, at least for the bass line on “Woman of the Year” (Not a homage to Spencer Tracy).

According to Calvin Harris’ Instagram account, he blessed him Parliament/Funkadelic leader George Clinton himself In May this year.

Obviously, this beatification came a little late for this album. But it bodes well for “Funk Wav Bounce vol. 3″… in 2027.

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