Musk allows 2% of his fortune to be spent on fighting hunger – E24

Musk allows 2% of his fortune to be spent on fighting hunger - E24

After a series of media reports and statements, the Tesla founder is asking the United Nations for answers on how 2% of his wealth can solve the problems of hunger. If the answer is good enough, the promise is clear: – We’ll sell Tesla stock right away, and we do.

Elon Musk is the founder and CEO of electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla.


Elon Musk writes it himself Twitter.

Earlier this week, the head of the United Nations World Food Program challenged the wealthy to donate their vast resources to solving world hunger problems, highlighting Tesla founder Elon Musk and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos.

there was Interview With Becky Anderson on CNN Connect the World, World Food Program President David Beasley called on the $400 billionaires to provide more money to secure food for all who need it.

Six billion dollars to help 42 million people who will die if we don’t get to them. “It’s not complicated,” Beasley said.

Six billion dollars is equivalent to about 50 billion crowns. This makes up about 2% of Elon Musk’s fortune, which is estimated at about $289 billion according to Bloomberg.

David Beasley is the head of the United Nations Food Programme.

Opens to sell Tesla shares

On Sunday, the head of Tesla said he was ready to sell Tesla shares and flip 2% of the fortune, if the United Nations could explain precisely how $6 billion could solve the problems of hunger.

“If the World Food Program can describe in this Twitter thread exactly how six billion dollars will solve the problems of world hunger, I will immediately sell Tesla shares and do so,” Writes Caught on the Twitter messaging service.

“But,” Musk adds in a later message. “There should be open reporting, so the public can see exactly how the money is being spent.”

become richer

The United Nations Food Program recently highlighted major hunger problems, and one problem recent report The organization indicated that half of Afghanistan’s population, ie 22.8 million people, are at serious risk of starvation.

At the same time, values ​​rose among the world’s richest people in the world after the Corona crisis.

CNN reports that American billionaires have significantly raised their values ​​during the pandemic. Their total wealth rose 70 percent during this period to $5.040 billion, according to the groups’ figures Institute for Policy Studies and Americans for Tax Justice, based on data from Forbes.

Earlier this month, Beasley wrote on Twitter that a new billionaire was created every 17 hours during the Corona crisis, but 17,000 people starved to death in the same periods.

Noticeable! The case previously reported the wrong time period for the number of deaths. Issue changed October 31 at 23.30.

– Is this acceptable? I am not against anyone who makes money, but I am against people who are dying of starvation when there is $400,000 billion in wealth in the world today,” Beasley wrote.

Message has been replied

Musk’s Twitter messages came in response to a message from Dr. Eli David, an expert in machine learning and artificial intelligence. David noted that the United Nations Food Program raised $8.4 billion in funding last year. “How did you not solve hunger in the world?” Asked.

However, the UN Food Program is probably referring to the organization’s annual need for funding, rather than an amount that could be able to permanently eradicate hunger.

The organization’s website lists the $8.4 billion raised last year as a record amount, funded solely through voluntary donations. The World Food Program writes that this is still 5.3 billion less than needed.

The organization was awarded last year Nobel Peace PrizeIt needs constant replenishment of funds to be able to provide food for 115.5 million people in more than 80 countries. The program is among the first to save lives in crises such as conflict, floods, droughts, earthquakes, hurricanes and failed crops, the organization wrote on its website.

A meal from the UN Food Program costs an average of five kroner.

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