Musk and oil

Musk and oil

Commentary: No one should be surprised by Elon Musk’s support for more oil and gas. If anyone needs it, it’s him.

It was not very kind to the Office for National Statistics that Elon Musk said we should go on with oil and gas.
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When Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk visited while visiting ONS in Stavanger last week, he talked about the world’s energy situation and about restructuring. He said he wanted to increase production of renewable energy, develop more battery technology, and produce more electric cars. Both cars, trucks and planes.

But he also said: “I am not the one who demonizes oil and gas. This is necessary, otherwise we would not have civilization. We need more oil and gas, not less.”

Some were disappointed that Musk said exactly that. Others include acting MDG leaders Ariel Hermstad, who participated in Helgemorgen NRK on Saturday He said the following On Musk Oil’s comments:

He was visiting Norway. He was a bit polite, and he probably realized that the people who organized the show wanted him to say that.”

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not a complement

But did Musk really say it was polite? no he did not.

If there’s anything that made it possible for Musk to build both Tesla and SpaceX, it’s specifically oil and gas. And if there’s one thing that will put an end to it now, it’s to stop using oil and gas. Of course, Musk knows that, too.

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On the flight to Stavanger alone, Musk’s private jet used about 17,000 liters of jet fuel, according to the report. Twitter account ElonJet. After the trip to Stavanger, Musk traveled to Berlin, Los Angeles, Rhode Island, New Jersey and Austin. All this in a week, and it all runs on jet fuel made from petroleum.

Its SpaceX rockets run on kerosene fuel, a product made from oil or gas. Without oil and gas, no flights or spaceflights.

But oil is more than fuel. Because if we stop using oil and gas, there probably won’t be many built Teslas or other electric cars for that matter.

In order for cars to become more energy efficient, Henry Ford actually began experimenting with plastic instead of steel in his cars in the 1940s. Today, the car is made of about 50 percent plastic. An electric vehicle, as the battery weighs a lot, is additionally dependent on lighting components elsewhere in the vehicle. The higher weight of the electric vehicle results in a shorter range.

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Without oil
And gas, Elon Musk didn’t have
He was who he is today.

Used for (almost) everything

Petrochemicals are used in everything from plastics, rubber, fibers, paints, adhesives, varnishes, pharmaceuticals, clothing, electronics, detergents, makeup, hair products, toothpaste, shoes, white goods, toys, fertilizers, asphalt, and more. .

When Hermstad rides his bike, writes on his computer, or opens his parachute, all of these things contain relatively large amounts of petrochemicals, made from oil and gas.

Today, petrochemicals make up between 20 and 30 percent of oil demand. The demand for oil from the transportation sector is expected to decrease in the future, but the demand for oil for petrochemical production is expected to increase.

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As more people get out of poverty, they will start buying more things. Things that consist of petrochemicals. So the International Energy Agency (IEA) estimated Petrochemicals will account for more than a third of oil demand in 2030 and almost half in 2050.

There has been research over several decades on how to make, say, plastics from biodegradable materials, particularly in response to nature’s significant plastic pollution. The problem is that this is often very expensive, and difficult to produce at the same level as petrochemicals.

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“What we need are business leaders who are as visionary as he was when he launched his cars. He really made a difference and made this happen so much faster without Tesla and that entrepreneurship,” Hermstad told NRK of Elon Musk.

Yes, Musk has achieved a lot with electric cars, because the Norwegian authorities almost set up a lab for him where he can test his Teslas.

The way Musk thinks might mean something to move forward in other areas, too. But it’s not like Elon Musk goes to Stavanger, he’s “cute with ONS” and says what they want to hear. Elon Musk isn’t exactly known for not talking about what’s on his mind.

In fact, if it were not for oil and gas, Musk would not be in the situation it is today.

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Paradox or reality?

We can call it whatever we want. This can be called a paradox that even an electric car is as dependent on oil and gas as it is. Or we can call it a realistic orientation, realizing that this is how the world is spoiled.

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Our entire way of life is so confused that we rely on products made from petrochemicals. No matter how much you would like it not to be like that, this won’t change for long.

If we end oil and gas in the near future, Musk won’t be able to continue using Tesla, SpaceX, or his plan to travel to Mars. And he can’t continue to fly his own plane back and forth around the world. Maybe you don’t see it either.

We are all more dependent on oil and gas than we usually think. Even those who wish Musk would come to Stavanger and say exactly what they wanted to hear, and that he would magically turn everything upside down.


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