Musk dislikes TikTok – VG

Musk dislikes TikTok - VG
Crucial: Elon Musk describes TikTok’s algorithms as “annoying.”

The Tesla boss is considering creating a new social medium.


The billionaire and space entrepreneur, chosen by news magazine Time as the Best Person of the Year 2021, helped Ukraine get online through its Starlink satellites earlier in March.

On Twitter, he is now hinting that he will create a new social medium.

Reply on twitter

Speaking freely is crucial to a functioning democracy, he wrote Friday and followed him up with a poll on Twitter, the only social media he uses:

Does Twitter follow this principle?

The answer was an overwhelming “no.”

He was also directly asked if he would consider creating a platform without hidden algorithms, where one could speak freely without publicity. Then replied:

– That’s something I take strongly.

Musk last year overtook Amazon founder Jeff Bezos in the lists of the world’s richest people when Tesla approached $1,000 billion in the market in October.

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tik tok

In addition to the space company SpaceX, he may now be the owner of social media. He does not hide the fact that he is critical of TikTok, and he stays away from Instagram.

He apparently tested TikTok, because he described the algorithms as “annoying”.

TikTok looks like an obvious AI attack, which is annoying, he wrote on Twitter on Sunday.

On the platform, you are largely exposed to what you have liked and seen before. It can also be difficult to know the facts and what they are fake videos For example, from the war in Ukraine.

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