– My life is not about feeding your ego

- My life is not about feeding your ego

NAV Scam

Fellow Eivind Helland Marienborg asked Professor Benedikte Moltumyr Høgberg if he could send him a report. Then the professor panicked.

In a private message on Facebook on Thursday, the top law professor made it clear that she is a very busy woman with a lot to do and is often impatient. But if there’s one thing she can’t stand, it’s men treating her like a secretary, making it clear she’s not a mail-order company.

Marienborg, who is a research fellow at the University of Bergen’s Faculty of Law, posted a screenshot of the conversation on her Facebook page.

Neither Høgberg nor Marienborg wanted to be interviewed on the matter. Høgberg’s comment to Chrono can be found below.

New Light on Now Scandal

Event Helland Marienborg.

This comes after parts of an internal investigation, which has been secret since 2014, became public this week. It sheds new light on the Now scandal, where thousands of Social Security recipients who took their Social Security benefits overseas have been mishandled by Now.

According to VG, the report says Norway’s practice of refusing people to take social security abroad is contrary to the EEA Agreement.

But researcher Marienborg is critical of how the statement is now interpreted. He wrote on Facebook that he could not see what was said to be in it.

Benedikte Moltumyr Høgberg at the University of Oslo was one of several lawyers who worked to get the report published. Eivind Helland Marienborg contacted Høgberg on Facebook and asked if he could send him the report.

– You are not true to me!

On Marienborg’s open Facebook page, the argument continued with high temperatures in the sky. There, Hagberg accused him of “following” him, which Marienborg denied.

“I can’t bear it today. You chased me for so long. So no, it’s not my life to feed your ego and only talk about your findings,” he wrote.

Response exchange between PhD student and professor on Facebook.

Response exchange between PhD student and professor on Facebook.

Marienborg asked what he meant by “stalking” aside from a private message, and Hagberg replied, “You’ve also gone nuts on my FB page,” among other things.

“What you say is not true! Didn’t encounter anything like rudeness. And we’re not even friends. I don’t care how you behave with your friends, but you should think I’m working for you and reply at your convenience, and you’ll regret it. Anyway, I’m over you, forever,” he wrote.

Marienborg continued with the following questions:

“Wow, one comment among many in your comment field, you didn’t respond, I asked short and simple if I could get a copy of the report? Is this what “hustling” is? “Stalking”?

Many people joined the Facebook thread and the professor received a lot of criticism.

– You can’t treat people like that

“Regardless of what one thinks of a level and two comments about DM, your response is insane. You really can’t treat people the way you do here,” wrote one.

And one more:

“It’s not every day you see law professors making up false stories and kicking ass.”

However, one person took Høgberg to her defense, writing, “She also reacted to your fuss after the statement yesterday and today, and Benedikte Moltemyr Høgberg understands very well that Høgberg is reacting.”

– A large whole area

Benedikte Moltumyr Høgberg writes in an SMS to Krono:

“It’s part of a larger whole report where at no time did any communication take place through university channels or arenas. It’s hard to get into without being personal, and I don’t want to. So I have no other comment.”

The professor also gained a lot of attention when he appeared in Morgenbladet in 2020. Criticism of Research Council. When she said that last year “Bad Girl Culture” Discontinuation of women in education.

In 2018, the Universitas launched a lecture later mentioned A three-minute segmentation by students.

Here is the full link of the post In 2018 he gave to students, making it clear that he would not be making recordings of his lectures for some time yet.

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