June 9, 2023


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“Myths of Reality”: – About the behavior of the ex-boyfriend:

“You’re fat. You’re pale. What the hell? You pull your hair out and you think you’re pretty. You’re not a dirty bitch. Just listen!”

This was stated by reality editor Melina Johnsen (27) on the first season of “Ex on the Beach,” to great fanfare. She received additional attention when she later won the Gullruten Award for her entry in the ‘Entry of the Year’ category.

Responding to Gullrute’s criticism: – He suffered a lot of hate

In fact, the show offered things other than bubble-toasting, cross-relationship romances, and holiday luxuries—like grave accusations of bullying.

Johnson’s ex-boyfriend Adrian Silivol, 25, can be seen these days on Dagbladet’s series ‘Realitylegendene’, where naturally there is talk of the former’s controversial behaviour.

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First prize won: Milena Johnsen-Golroten in the category “Participant of the Year”. Video: Red Runner
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Direct bullying

– Melina won a golrotine for it, a brutal bully, he says in the episode.

You can see Sellevoll’s entire reaction to the incident in the episode, which can be seen in full at the top of the issue.

Strong accusations of bullying: - Understands how people react

Strong accusations of bullying: – Understands how people react

In front of Dagbladet, Sellevoll makes it clear that he doesn’t have much to spare for his ex-girlfriend’s behavior inside the luxury villa.

It’s outright bullying. I think it’s foolish. I’ve said a lot of nasty things over the years too, but this particular thing was a bit on edge. Personal attacks are not good. He bluntly says that she won a Gullruten because I think it’s complete nonsense.

Damage: Adrian Silivol slipped off a roof. Dagbladet received permission from Sellevoll to post the fall video. Photo: screenshot from Instagram, Eriksen/Haukefær. Correspondent: Marte Nylkken Helseth / Dagbladet TV.
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– Norway swept by storm

Dagbladet has been in contact with Melina Joensen, who received criticism from her ex-boyfriend.

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– I think I didn’t win Golroten because of Bayan, I won Golroten because I and Norway took it hard, she replied.

- It could kill someone

– It could kill someone

Sellevoll notes today that he and Johnson are friends, even though it’s been many years since they last saw each other.

– We get these Snapchat memories all the time, which we sometimes send to each other. There are some memories there. I have nothing bad to say about her today.