February 3, 2023


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Nadal injury drama

Nadal injury drama

Rafael Nadal, the French Open King, is clenching his teeth in pain and taking several steps to relieve his foot injury.

Reports in the Spanish and British newspapers say that Rafael Nadal is defying pain at the French Open. It is said that Nadal’s injury problems, which he suffered occasionally for several years, stem from the so-called Muller-Weiss syndrome, A rare chronic condition that affects the bones of the feet.

condition does, According to the international media, He doesn’t know how much time he has left active.


Throughout the tournament, Nadal had a carefully selected doctor.

Treatments and analgesics were undoubtedly successful.

Several Spanish and British media have concluded that the Spaniard’s body has held up well so far in the tournament, and injury should not be an obstacle. As long as the match does not take much time.

According to reports, the damage is worse on grass pitches. On pebbles, as in Paris, the pain should be lighter.


There has been speculation as to whether Nadal will play his last Grand Slam match today.

After his quarter-final win over Novak Djokovic, he hinted at the press conference that his career is coming to an end. When a reporter wanted to know what Nadal thought of the future, Nadal answered as such, according to AP:

– I don’t know what will happen next. I mean I have the same injury that I have in my feet so if we don’t find an improvement or a simple solution to it, it will be very difficult for me.

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He explained to the press that this was the reason for his strong affection after this victory.

The past three and a half months haven’t been easy for me, said Nadal, referring to a rib injury that kept him out for four weeks this spring – and a known foot injury. Nadal has given a tough charge for this tournament.

“I know I will not be here many times,” he said, recalling the doctor he had been with this year.

I’m doing my best to try to play this tournament in the best conditions. I honestly don’t know what could happen next.

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– You’d rather lose

He later tried to deny that it might be over soon.

“I don’t ever want this to sound goodbye,” he told Spanish channel RTVE.

– We will continue to work on finding solutions to what is happening to my feet. I trust and hope to return. He said the past year has been difficult.

On Friday, he was asked again about the injuries.

“I prefer losing the final on Sunday and getting a new position,” he told reporters during the Spanish part of the press conference. After the semi-finals, according to dem.

I will be happy with my new life. Winning is beautiful, but life is much more important than any title. He said especially after my career.

Prior to the tournament, Nadal reduced his chances of winning his fourteenth title at the French Open due to injury. Now he’s still playing on his way to the final.

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