Najm Najm was badly injured – a neurologist was fired

Najm Najm was badly injured - a neurologist was fired

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The Miami Dolphins star also received a heavy blow to the head in a win over the Buffalo Bills last Sunday. After that, he was unsteady and looked dazed, but he was not put into concussion protocol and returned to the field. Four days later, he started against the Cincinnati Bengals after being cleared by a neurologist.

At the end of the first half against Bengal, he was attacked, neck landed, head back first. He lay motionless, his hands in an unnatural position in front of his face and his fingers scattered. Medical experts say it’s a symptom of a severe head injury.

Later it was found that he had injuries to his head and neck, but was fully conscious and capable. Many were reacting to the fact that the 24-year-old had ever come onto the field on Thursday after the incident against the Bills.

Players’ health and safety are at the heart of our business. We are thinking of Tua and hope he recovers soon. Our investigation into potential violations continues, Tweeted by the NFLPA Players Association.

According to the Associated Press, sources “close to the investigation” say that the players’ union has now taken the decision to expel the neurologist who exonerated Tagovailoa before the Bengals game. also ESPN Reports the same thing.

The person was a consultant in the association. According to the players’ union, the investigation is still ongoing, but they said on Saturday that “changes must be made”.

The Dolphins play their next game on Sunday in a week against the New York Jets. It is not known if Tagovailoa will be knocked out of the first leg.

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