Nakstad Christmas tip: It’s a good idea to walk around the Christmas tree if everyone is healthy

Nakstad Christmas tip: It’s a good idea to walk around the Christmas tree if everyone is healthy

The case is updated.

More infections, a new type of virus, stricter new measures, and quarantine and isolation rules mean another Christmas will be different for some Norwegians.

If you have been diagnosed with an infection or are identified as having close contact now, the risk is very high that the original plan will go down the drain.

On the other hand, if, on the other hand, you’re infection-free and quarantined, you’re open to stress, Christmas walks, and binge eating from the same candy bowl as people from other households, according to Assistant Director of Health Espen Rostrup Nakstad.

Isolation should keep a distance and wear a face mask

If you are diagnosed with corona and you are in isolation, it is worse. Then you should stay at home, have no visitors, not go out anywhere other than your own garden or on the balcony, preferably two meters away from those with whom you live.

We asked the Assistant Director of Health questions about celebrating Christmas and how to act. Thus he said:

Can you have Christmas dinner in the same room with the isolated person, or should the isolated person sit in his or her own room?

– In order not to infect other family members, the isolated person should stay away from those with whom he lives and prefer to use a face mask if you are staying in the same room, answers Nakstad.

– In the case of symptomatic illness, the isolated person usually stays in bed a lot, but for younger children, of course, it will be difficult to isolate themselves from their parents. Therefore, one must simply make the most of it, pay attention to who is injured and how to live.

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Christmas quarantine: a requirement for a PCR response to the test

People who have been in close contact with the infected or who live with the infected are isolated. In quarantine, one should avoid visits, not travel locally, not go to work, use public transportation, or visit public places.

What do you do if a family member is in quarantine at Christmas?

– If you belong to the same family, you can celebrate Christmas together even if one or more family members are in quarantine. Nakstad says being in quarantine doesn’t mean being sick, so you don’t have to isolate yourself from your family.

If you are identified as “another close contact”, you can test yourself outside of quarantine on the third day, but you have free time in quarantine. This can be tested on the seventh day. If you are defined as close contact, you can test yourself on the seventh day.

There are also some exceptions to the quarantine rules for children, as well as for those who have received a booster dose or who have had coronary heart disease in the past three months.

– If you are in quarantine and tested yourself with a PCR test on the seventh day, but the test answer does not arrive in time on Christmas Eve, then you must then remain in quarantine until the test answer is ready / Can you test yourself with a home test?

– The rules of the day are based on 10 days of quarantine with the opportunity to test yourself with a negative PCR test after the seventh day. So, you have to wait for a response to that. If it’s more than three days to wait for an PCR answer, Nakstad says, you can still get out of quarantine on day 10 if you don’t have symptoms.

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The distance at Christmas dinner is good

If you don’t have an infection at home, or you’ve been close to having coronary heart disease, Christmas can be very common for the vast majority. Insider can have up to 20 people at Christmas parties in private homes once at Christmas, and ten otherwise. According to Nakstad, the most important thing is to make sure everyone around is healthy.

– Does one have to keep a meter away from Christmas guests from other families at Christmas dinner?

– If you have a place for it, you can spread the guests as much as possible around the table. However, the most important thing is to ensure that all attendees are healthy.

Can you hug older family members on Christmas visits?

– You have to think about how careful you have to be, but if the grandparents are vaccinated with the third dose and they go to visit a healthy family, there is little risk of infection by hugging. The risk is greater if the person present has the infection and is coughing, sneezing, or has been close to an elderly person in the same room.

Christmas parade is fine

– Should one eat Christmas snacks from the same bowl as guests from other families?

There is probably practically no risk of infection compared to infection that you can get through the air in the same room.

– Can you take each other by the hand when you’re walking around the Christmas tree?

Yes, you can do that if everyone is healthy and washes their hands before eating. However, it is not recommended to shake hands with people in other places of daily life, it is better to use an elbow or some other way when you are not walking around the Christmas tree, concludes Nakstad.

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