Narrow loss at Kjelsås/Jerv

Narrow loss at Kjelsås/Jerv

Photo: Helge Olsen

The sun rises on Kelsos in Oslo. Kjelsås takes the lead first, before we retaliate and it’s 1-1 at the break. The dismissal before half-time and the speculation about whether we were cheated from two penalties affect the outcome of today’s match. Kelsos scores in the seventh minute of extra time and thus advances in the cup.

The home team starts the game again and has many good chances in the first half. Overfit keeps Jerve goalkeeping really good and keeps us in the game. We had more control of the game in the last 20 minutes of the first half, before we had a player sent off after a tackle.

The second half is dominated by more spaces to play in and a strong defensive Wolverines team that makes good tackles and pushes together, as well as taking advantage of all the counter-attacking opportunities that come along. This results in more “almost” opportunities. Uganda gets a good chance, but it is dropped inside the home team’s 16-meter box. There are many signs that this was a situation where a penalty should be meted out, we just keep fighting and accelerating forward. Seven minutes into extra time, Kjelsås had a golden chance that put him to the goalkeeper’s right. Soon after, the referee blew his whistle.

We congratulate Kjelsås for the extra cup play.

Red cards:

37′ Samuel Pedro

Yellow cards:

82′ Philibert

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