National MyGame Rebellion Calls: – Scandal

National MyGame Rebellion Calls: – Scandal
Criticism: Left-wing politician Halsten Bjerke believes that the influx of young people into grassroots sports is a social experiment.

Hallstein Bjercke (V) calls the whole thing a “social experiment” and wants all MyGame cameras removed at sports facilities in Oslo. It encourages politicians across the country to demand the same.


Bjercke says he was shocked afterward To read VG stories about Norwegian sports and the MyGame streaming service the last days.

And he wasn’t at all reassured after a meeting with MyGame’s communications director, Svein Graff, on Monday.

– This is a sports-political scandal, believes Bjerke, the leader of the Liberal Party’s city council group in Oslo.

On Tuesday it became known that The Sports Council shall meet in connection with MyGame matters.

The background to the MyGame discussion is as follows:

Norsk sport has entered into a collaboration with TV 2’s part-owned company MyGame to film youth sports across the country. In this way, the grandmother will be able to follow her grandson’s handball game from the living room, while the local club will receive 20 percent of the income earned by the private company MyGame.

MYGAME: Olaf Sandnes, President of TV 2, former Discovery Chief and current MyGame founder Harald Ström, and President of Amedia Anders Opdahl after the presentation of the agreement.

reacts to this

The system claims to have routines in place to book against imaging when necessary, as well as to remove unwanted incidents from the Internet. But VG affairs This week showed a system failure – even before the really big rollout happened.

– The more you know about this issue, the more it flares up, Hallstein Bjercke tells VG.

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It interacts specifically with three things:

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1. Bjercke believes that Norwegian sports stars cannot easily sell the rights to show Norwegian youth at a wide level to a commercial representative. Simply because they don’t own the rights, unlike major sports, he claims.

– Anyone who participates in cross-country sports or has children in cross-country sports has not accepted this. Imagine that FIFA had such an agreement with a global media player to broadcast all grassroots football under-15 matches globally. There was an uproar, Bjercke says.

He himself has a 12-year-old daughter.

– I refuse to accept that the year she turns 15, the NIF family will own the media rights to her participation in organized sports.

At the Sports Federation, the head of NIF Digital, Pål K. Rønnevik, disagrees with Bjercke’s reasoning:

– Private federations have the rights to practice their sports and can enter into media agreements with media players who are also involved in popular sports. So this claim is not true, he tells VG.

2. Bjercke believes the VG cases showed how vulnerable privacy can be.

– Imagine when this will be widely publicized with popular football from the spring of 2023. This is a huge social experiment, which could have serious personal consequences for people who did not accept or accept its portrayal, he believes.

However, in the NIF it is emphasized that participation in the broadcasting project is voluntary:

– People who have not accepted or agreed to be photographed can easily make a reservation through Min Idrett, says Pål K. Rønnevik.

3. Halsten Bjerke is skeptical of more cameras being deployed in public places, such as sports facilities. Schools also often use the facilities.

– Despite the claim that the technical solution is safe against filming outside of set match times, I certainly do not feel confident that this system cannot fail or be misused to film activity that should not be filmed.

Several Sports: Football, handball, and ice hockey are among the sports in which youth under the age of 15 are expected to be filmed by the Mygame system.

He wants a national revolt

Bjercke would be surprised if the topic did not lead to an uprising in progside clubs across the country.

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– I can never imagine that grassroots sports, for example here in Oslo, intend to accept MyGame to market and enrich themselves from their matches, but they themselves struggle to keep their clubs’ operations going.

– But isn’t the intention good here: clubs suffering from high expenses can earn a few extra kroner from this system?

– You give some percentages to the clubs, although I think it shouldn’t have been productive in the first place. But at the same time that the tops earn large sums of money, handouts are given to the clubs. For many clubs, it is difficult to say no, as they struggle with high electricity bills and want to keep membership fees as low as possible.

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Children, youth and adults were filmed at handball and volleyball training without their knowledge.

– It should be possible to make a reservation, and the intentions are good: parents and grandparents can come from another part of the country?

– That’s it Existing Cameras in the square mean that one’s behavior is moderate. Research has shown that. Nor should young people think about this, Bjerke says.

He believes that the matter should be dealt with politically across the country, rather than by the administration in the individual municipality.

– Are you calling for the removal of cameras and a national uprising?

– Yes, we at Venstre do it in Oslo. I encourage Norwegian municipal politicians to do the same. Additionally, I invite a discussion in the sports family as to whether this is okay. Should our children be a product that sports elites can market and sell to a media company? Asked.

Kyle: – Seriously

Sports chief Berit Keul confirmed that the Norwegian Sports Confederation management wanted to regulate the broadcasting market, which she described in the past as “totally unregulated”.

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According to Kegol, the right of reservation or privacy was not sufficiently guaranteed. She thinks MyGame is too stressful.

However, Kjol acknowledges that serious anomalies have been seen in recent days, and that these violate the guidelines approved by its board of directors.

He thinks it’s getting better: Sports boss Kjol points out how the conditions surrounding broadcasting were once more unregulated than they are today.

– We take this very seriously and are dealing with the anomalies that have now emerged. Sports teams and private associations that use broadcast services must be aware of their responsibilities regarding what can and cannot be broadcast. We naturally expect electricity providers to be aware of their responsibilities and to ensure compliance with NIF guidelines at all times. It is very important that all parties learn from the aberrations we have seen now, so that we avoid similar aberrations in the future, Kjøll writes in an email to VG.

She adds that the project will be evaluated in 2023, and that the matter will be brought up again by the Sports Council.

Claims that young people support broadcasting

MyGame Communications Director Svein Graff confirms that participation in the project is voluntary, and anyone can opt out of the shooting without giving reasons.

– We must not forget the challenge that the Sports Broadcasting Project is trying to solve: the private and illegal broadcasting that is already taking place in Norwegian youth sports on an increasingly large scale. Sports managers tell of the thousands of clips and matches shared on YouTube and other social media. These are largely open channels where movies and photos can be easily distributed, Graff wrote in an email response to VG.

Communications Director: Sven Graf.

Bjercke faces criticism in this matter. MyGame top refers to a survey conducted by the company itself, in which 149 young people playing handball and ice hockey were asked what they thought about the possibility of video streaming from Norwegian popular sports.

According to Graf, the “vast majority” is positive about this.

The truth is, large portions of popular sports want this show because it creates commitment, increased learning, and can give sports teams new income opportunities.

– We must take these young people and Norwegian folk sports seriously. He says they deserve a sober discussion about broadcasting in youth sports, and a solution to unregulated filming.


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