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Jens Stoltenberg

Ukraine regains its territory from the Russians and forces them to change their war plans.

Thus, the NATO Secretary General expects new advances from Russian forces in eastern and southern Ukraine in the coming weeks.

Jens Stoltenberg says that Moscow has not given up its ambitions in Ukraine.

– We are now witnessing a large movement of troops away from Kyiv, to regroup, arm themselves and obtain new supplies. They are turning their focus towards the east. In the coming weeks, we expect another Russian advance into eastern and southern Ukraine to attempt to capture the whole of Donbass and create a land bridge to occupied Crimea. So this is a crucial stage of the war.

Critical Threats of War and AEI/NRK Study Institute (Updated 04.04.2022)

Action war features

turmod hair, The presenter and the professor at the Armed Forces College interpret it differently.

– No, this may not be a decisive stage. But we see the features of a war of positions, where the front lines are more closed, the Ukrainians are more offensive, while the Russians can dig themselves up and bite themselves.

Research Leader and Lt. Colonel Tormod Heyer

– We can look at this as a little better from the perspective of Europe, the war is limited to a narrower area, and we can look at this as a little better from the perspective of Europe, the war is limited to a narrower area in Ukraine, says Lieutenant-Colonel and Professor Turmod Hare.

Photo: Ole Berg-Rusten / NTB

It also opens the possibility that the Russians will spend the next few months building new forces for a new offensive.

Haier calls it a downward adjustment of Russian targets. The Russians wanted to change the regime in Kyiv. When that didn’t work, they had to quit.

Instead, the Russians will meet where there is the greatest chance of progress. In this way, they also connect the Crimea and Donbass more firmly with the mother country in the East.

Ruslan Mishanin says goodbye to the family who will travel to Poland.

The civilian population of Ukraine feels insecure. Ruslan Mishanin says goodbye to his family before traveling to Poland without him.

Photo: Petros Giannakouris / AP

– I got stuck

Heyer believes that a change in Russian strategy means Ukraine has much better conditions to survive as a country.

They gain better control of supplies from the NATO countries in the West, and free the forces from the defense of Kyiv.

But it also means Russia has given up taking over Odessa, Ukraine’s third-largest city, where 70 percent of all imports and exports take place. Odessa was a goal that the Russians originally intended, as were Kharkiv and Kiev.

Odessa in Ukraine

This indicates that Russia has given up accepting Odessa.

Photo: NACHO DOCE/Reuters

This indicates that the Russians have stuck. Haier says they are now trying to save the logs.

But Ukrainians do not feel safe. Ukraine’s General Staff says Russia is regrouping its forces in preparation for an offensive in Donbas. Now the civilian population is also afraid of being affected.

Reducing civilian casualties

Can we now expect fewer civilian casualties?

I think that the Russians will continue to bombard the cities in the Donbass region and the land corridor to the Crimea. But the war is now confined to a gathering area and the fighting in Kyiv appears to be coming to an end. Then larger parts of the civilian population will be removed from the war.

– Is the war about to end?

We may not necessarily be nearing the end, but the war is entering a different, somewhat more stable phase now.

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