NATO meeting in Oslo: New no-fly zone

NATO meeting in Oslo: New no-fly zone

To cover the case, Dagbladet Avinor’s press officer had to speak to Avinor Flysikring, the operational headquarters of the Norwegian Armed Forces, the Norwegian Police Directorate, the Oslo Police and the Norwegian Civil Aviation Authority.

It started commenting on the fact that flights are banned in Oslo and the areas near the city.

In conclusion, we confirmed that there is a no-fly zone in some areas. The reason was a meeting between foreign ministers of NATO member states in the capital on Wednesday.

However, it is not clear how to get an answer to this and who will answer.

This is Avinor’s own show, IPBC, which showed a no-fly zone. That’s why Talkblade’s journalist calls Avinor’s press phone on Wednesday morning.

This will send us a long series of calls, emails and SMS:

  • Avinor press officer was unaware of the flight ban. They refer to the Norwegian Armed Forces’ Operations Headquarters (FOH) and the Norwegian Aviation Authority.
  • We call FOH’s press phone who says the police are responsible for security during the NATO meeting. The Norwegian Defense Forces have only been asked for help and cannot answer our questions. They ask us to call the Norwegian Police Directorate (POD).
  • In the middle of the morning meeting, a journalist from Dagbladet called the news department at POD. They cannot respond on the spot, but must comment after the meeting.
  • In the meantime we call Avinor flycring directly and they say they will look into it.
  • After the morning meeting, the Norwegian Police Directorate responds that the Oslo Police will be responsible for the security measures during the NATO meeting, including the no-fly zone.
  • We call the Oslo police and they ask us to send questions by email.
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Complex language and many questions

Finally, a message comes from Avinor’s press service, which Avinor Flysikring contacted:

“In connection with NATO’s visit to Oslo, restricted areas have been implemented in Roemerik and Oslo, which prohibit flights, including drone flights, in uncontrolled airspace. Restricted areas are published in Norway’s standard regulations for airspace and are implemented in connection with the visit.”

But we at Dagbladet have many more questions:

Enforced Restricted Areas – What Does It Really Mean? How long will the ban last? What standard terms are you referring to? Who sent the order to close the airspace?

“Email us”

Enforcing Restricted Areas means “no-fly area” in good Norwegian. Other questions could not be answered by Avinar’s news department.

They ask us to contact the Norwegian Civil Aviation Authority in return.

Their journalists also cannot answer on the spot and we have to email again with questions.

There was a commotion at the Vigilance Commission this morning. The news is that it may take some time to get a response. They have yet to respond when this case is published.

Surprised by Twitter posts

1.5 hours after Dagbladet sent questions to the Oslo police by email, they write a post on Twitter. There they confirm the curfew that will last until Friday midnight.

As of 1:30 p.m., we still had not received a response to an email with questions.

“The restrictions apply to all aviation, including drones and model aircraft. Flying in these areas is prohibited without special permission,” they write.

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At the same time, the police have warned that any violation of the flight ban will result in punishment and a complaint will be filed.

“Police may also seize drones and other equipment.”

The new ban replaces a ban introduced when the aircraft carrier USS “Gerald R. Ford” anchored in the Oslofjord. The earlier ban lasted till Tuesday, i.e. May 30.

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