Nazi Uniforms in Colombia – How Police Students Interpreted ‘Cultural Exchange’

Nazi Uniforms in Colombia - How Police Students Interpreted 'Cultural Exchange'

The director of a police academy in western Colombia must now find something else to do after his students on Thursday arranged a “cultural exchange” celebration in honor of Germany, the news agency reported. France Press agency.

on the official account

It is not known what links were made to the event committee, but the result was clear on Twitter on the official account of the Colombian National Police:

Cut the rope: Police officers in regular Colombian uniforms cut a thread in the colors of the Federal Republic – while a student with a Hitler’s mustache stood guard and watched the whole thing. Photo: Colombian National Police
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Many students were dressed in Wehrmacht and SS uniforms, the latter wearing a clear swastika. One of them also had Hitler’s mustache. In addition, an aircraft model was shown, with a swastika, similar to tablecloths.

Somewhat confusingly, the flag of the Federal Republic of Germany hung, along with a banner with the inscription “Police History”.

During the ceremony, a chain in the colors of the Federal Republic was cut by two policemen in Colombian uniforms.

Christmas performance: A Russian state-run circus is being investigated after a Christmas show. Photo: Twitter
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From the Simon Bolivar Academy in Toulouse, we are arranging #InternationalUke with the guest country Germany. Through these cultural exchanges, we enhance the knowledge of our police cadets,” as stated on the official Twitter account of the National Police.

The history is now deleted, but not before the image material has been abundantly stored and shared.

It is not clear if any German nationals were present during the “cultural exchange”.

Cardboard massage: police students in SS uniforms, as well

Cardboard massage: Police cadets in SS uniforms, as well as “Adolf Hitler” with a German Shepherd (Hitler had one) outside a castle in a cardboard box. Photo: Colombian National Police
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Not entirely unexpectedly, the feedback is strong. Police were quickly flogged on social media, and President Evan Duque was forced to come out on Friday and apologize for the incident.

Any excuse for Nazism is unacceptable, and I condemn any demonstration that uses or refers to those responsible for the extermination of the Jews, which claimed the lives of more than 6 million people, Tweeted.

In Colombia, the police are under the Ministry of Defense, which vehemently denies that Thursday’s incident represents in any way police training in the country.

Swastika: Tablecloths also had a swastika flag.  Photo: Colombian National Police

Swastika: Tablecloths also had a swastika flag. Photo: Colombian National Police
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The National Police published an apology and an apology to the Jewish community, according to vice.

German and Israeli embassies sent to Bogota joint statement They express “total rejection of any form of justification or manifestation of Nazism”.

The Nazi influence scandal comes at a time when Colombian police are under heavy pressure after brutal behavior against protesters earlier this year. They are currently running a “transformation campaign” to improve their image and are due to, among other things, change their uniforms.

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