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– Absolutely beyond working that way, says the next-door neighbor.

Dozens of cats live in a private home in the Friedrichstad area. People in the area say the situation is reprehensible.

The kitten smells, fights and makes a lot of noise in the evening.

Before Christmas last year, they got enough, and Submitted a report of concern to the Norwegian Food Safety Authority. This eventually sparked a joint operation by police and the municipality to remove 100 cats.

– It’s a very bad experience that we have to bang our head against the wall again, says the neighbor.

For the cat owner, NRK has changed the neighborhood anonymously. Will now be moved further from that area.

– We can no longer live in it. Another neighbor says the children can’t stand outside the front of the house because they can’t stand it.

Ten cats on the street and on the roof of the neighborhood in Friedrichstadt.

Cat traps were assigned to neighbors

The Fredrikstad municipality previously considered cats a burden and the cat owner could not have more than eight cats.

Not long ago, the Norwegian Food Safety Authority was inspecting the area, and two neighbors reportedly told cats to trap themselves.

– It is reprehensible for an individual to tell you to catch cats and ask them to take you to your personal car for delivery to the vet.

He is a close neighbor and is pessimistic that it could get worse. He is currently considering moving out of the place.

Photo: Amalie Fagerhaug Evjen / NRK

The Norwegian Food Safety Authority in Østfold and Follo says nothing about the method allegedly used.

– When needed, the Norwegian Food Safety Authority collaborates with animal welfare organizations, consultants on animal production or others, says Jarle Berksjo, division manager for animals.

Frustrated neighbors

Neighbors fear conditions similar to those before Christmas. A total of more than 100 cats were then removed from the property.

The situation destroys the quality of life, as far as they are concerned.

Joachim Fjeld, president of the Skjærviken Welfare Association, sees the municipality's decision.

Frustration: Neighbors around the cat colony are pessimistic about the Norwegian Food Safety Authority, which has not responded to them.

Photo: Rahant Bajaj / NRK

– Now the problem is that cats are getting more and more cats because they are busy with each other, says another householder to the NRK.

They feel that they have not been heard and that the Norwegian Food Safety Authority has not taken the matter seriously.

– Every time we ask a question to the municipality we are referred to the Norwegian Food Safety Authority. But they will not answer us either, says a neighbor.

The Norwegian Food Safety Authority believes that those who submit concern reports have no right to information, even if they are neighbors.

– We understand that many people find this frustrating, but it’s important in terms of privacy, says Jarley Berksjo about the lack of answers.

Attempts to contact the NRK cat owner were unsuccessful.

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